Our bright future, together!

Revolutionary products, inspiring people

The i-team is a global family of innovative cleaning sales & distribution partners that are dedicated to delivering intelligent, convenient and quality cleaning machines, products and utilities to the industry.

Our office

A dynamic, inspiring environment in The Netherlands

Located in the heart of the city of light in The Netherlands, also known as Eindhoven. Famed for the birth of Philips, market leading global players such as ASML, innovative and design oriented start-ups and companies, it is the perfect place for the i-team headquarters to reside. Hosting several events a year, the i-team headquarters is equipped with multiple areas for visitors and employees to work, relax, demo & test new machines. Come over for a visit and get inspired by brainstorm sessions, lectures and workshops with one of our colleagues.

Our services

Professional repair, maintenance and advice all over the world

We have a dedicated team that is skilled and trained in all of the product ranges. If you are experiencing some issues, or just don’t know how to operate the machine in the best possible way, your local i-team partner can help you every step of the way. Ranging from simple troubleshooting, to advanced technical difficulties. The i-team has a saying: we are one team, with the same dream. We want the cleaners to work with a smile, and genuinely have fun with their equipment on the job.

Our team

Always ready to help out with any issue you have

All over the world, including our partners and co-partners, the i-team is operational in over 40 countries with expert advice, machine repairs & communication support. Anything you would like to know about the products, technical specifications, and any cleaning solutions for your specific wants & needs is just a phone call or an email away.

Our products

The essence of our business, revolutionizing the industry

Revolutionary ideas within a certain framework can change the way you think about an object, or field. In this case, it’s cleaning. We have changed the traditional ways of mopping, keeping the flexibility of the original mop, but with the added power of an industrial cleaning machine. We’ve made a scrubber dryer on a mop handle, which allows you to move in any direction and even turn 360 degrees. We have made it possible to incorporate our core value into a physical reality the i-mop. We make it possible to ‘Spread the joy, not the dirt’.