Storytime: Cleaning A Hospital In Belgium


Saving lives everyday: our doctors, nurses and hospital staff need to work in a safe, and clean environment. With the i-mop, the cleaning staff makes sure the ER, recovery rooms, hallways, kitchen, washroom areas and every floor in the hospital is clean to fit the standard of high-quality healthcare in the Gent region. In this …


We won an ISSA Innovation Award for the i-suit!


During the ISSA Innovation Awards in Chicago from the 25th until the 28th of October, the i-team was nominated and selected by the public for an award for the i-suit. And we won! A revolutionary way of window washing relieving the user at least 50% of physical strain during their work. No more shoulder injuries …


The i-team Inspiration Days Video Recap

Inspiration Days i-team

On the 28/29/30th of June, partners from all over Europe flew over to the i-team headquarters in Eindhoven (NL) for the Inspiration Days. This video captures the two amazing days filled with workshops, lectures and brainstorm sessions about the latest developments, technology, products and many more going on with the i-team today. So go ahead, click away …

Team NL RTL7: Frank van de Ven i-mop interview


Here is the full interview with Frank van de Ven at the ISSA/Interclean 2016. Enjoy!

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