i-light L

Brighten your future

The i-light is great for illumination on the job. Fully equipped with the flexibility of a desk lamp, with an adjustable head & tripod, and the durability and strength of a construction light. Don’t spend your hours in the dark, turn on the i-light!

Timer function

Want to set your i-light for a limited amount of time? No problem. Just enable the timer function, set the hours & minutes, and start your routine.

i-light L

Adjustable head & height

With the i-light, you can adjust the head and the stance by simply pushing and pulling the levers at the tripod.

i-light L

i-power 7

Battery empty? No worries. You can use i-power 7, 9 or 14 batteries depending on your needs, and it will work like a charm, even with one battery!

i-light L

i-light fixture

The integrated i-light is fixed with a heavy element on the i-land, perfect for mobile light in dark areas. 

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