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Total cost of ownership

At i-team Global we believe that considering the total cost of ownership (TCO) is important when making purchase decisions. By calculating the TCO, you can estimate the direct and indirect costs of products and systems. This can reveal a huge difference between the purchase price and the total life cycle costs. 

Costs of a cleaning organisation

The leading expenses of a cleaning organisation are related to overhead. By shifting from manual equipment to mechanical tooling you can improve the cleaning quality and life cycle of your equipment while saving your organisation up to 80% in budget.

Some facts about how the cleaning world operates:

Up to 80% of current cleaning areas consists of small or obstructed spaces, which are not suitable for automatic cleaning.

Reducing on your total costs of ownership

Knowledge over the total life cycle costs of your machines is vital when organizing and structuring your cleaning. i-team Global offers machines that have been designed with a keen eye on how to properly facilitate repairs, maintenance and updates. Together with our plug & play concept, the total cost of ownership becomes clear and instantly profitable. This means less downtime, better cleaning performance and easy upgrades between different filtration classes. By combining processes and products in a 4D cleaning strategy, we are aiming to reduce the total lifetime costs of our clients by at least 10%.

Learn how you can save up to 80% of cleaning time when switching from manual cleaning to the i-mop XL and up to 50% when switching from other mechanical cleaning solutions to i-team machines. 

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