Arcus College visits i-team Global

On Tuesday 8 January, fifty first and second year Facility Management students from Arcus College in Heerlen visited our HQ in Eindhoven. During the FMG care conference, which was organized in June 2018 at i-team Global, we became acquainted with Andre Cuijten (teacher Facility Management). Mr. Cuijten got inspired during the FMG event and challenged i-team Global. The goal of organizing the visit was to show the students that the cleaning sector is a large and important part in the facility industry.

The students were welcomed in the sports bar in the morning with a drink. At 9 o'clock we kicked off with a presentation about i-team Global. We discussed the image that often exists about cleaning, zoomed in on how we can change this and in what ways i-team contributes to this. Topics such as 4D cleaning, indoor air quality, dealing with work shortages and the future of cleaning (data-driven) were discussed.



During the rest of the day, the students were divided into three groups and then followed three workshops. Quintin van der Gouw (4D REAL cleaning concept facilitator), Monique Schrijver (facilitator 4D REAL cleaning concept) and Thijs Stolwijk (facilitator i-team Benelux) facilitated these workshops.




The first workshop involved the mechanization of cleaning. In the fast food restaurant in our experience centre we explained the advantages of machine versus manual cleaning. The second workshop took place in the supermarket and the race course in our experience centre. Here the traditional scrubbing machine was compared to the i-mop. Students were able to experience for themselves why the i-mop is a revolution in the cleaning industry. Our cook Bart Haans and host Johan Broeder took care of the lunch. After the break was the third workshop. Students were shown around the company and got information about the different departments and rooms in the experience centre.




 At the end of the day, everyone gathered in the arena for a closing seminar on logistics processes within i-team Global provided by Wichard Akkermans (Global Operations Facilitator). Finally, Andre Cuijten thanked i-team Global for the inspiring day and highlighted the importance of cleaning among the future facility managers. Students frequently asked if there would be opportunities in our company in the future, which gave us a proud feeling. It was a very successful day and we want to thank Arcus College for visiting i-team Global.