BOMA Inspiration Day

The first BOMA Inspiration Day took place on Tuesday 30 October in the experience centre of i-team Global in Eindhoven. It was a facility discovery journey, framed with culinary and networking moments. The event was aimed at making cleaning even more efficient, fun and circular.

BOMA has been developing and distributing professional cleaning materials, products and machines with great added value for companies and institutions in the Benelux and in France for more than 40 years. "BOMA would like to work together in a way that might be stubborn and represents connection and development. We want to create something new together with customers and prospects ", Raimondo Otten introduces the initiative for the BOMA Inspiration Day.

Otten continues and explains the choice for the experience centre of i-team Global. Everything in the company exudes the atmosphere of innovation: vision, products, projects, collaborations, housing. i-team Global wants to inspire people to 'open their minds to the idea of change and thinking differently'. That fits perfectly with BOMA's vision to make cleaning more efficient, fun and more circular. "

The afternoon program started with a lunch, followed by 2 workshops to discover and to experience some of our i-team products. For small and medium-sized cleaning and facility companies, this was the perfect opportunity for some inspiration and were introduced to the latest developments in cleaning techniques.

During the 2 workshops we looked at how cleaning can be done efficiently. We discussed what the advantages of and differences between manual and machine floor cleaning are. We looked at what the definition of real clean is and what possibilities cordless working has to offer with respect to non-battery powered cleaning equipment.

The BOMA Inspiration Day is truly a unique platform for small and medium-sized cleaning companies and facility service providers to fully orientate and inform themselves in one day.