Clean water: a matter for everyone

Clean drinking water is a necessity for everybody. Since 2014, i-team Global and MADE BLUE have been working together to make clean drinking water available in countries with a large drinking water shortage. We are doing this by mirroring water savings that are realized with the i-mop with clean drinking water in developing countries.

Our donations go among other things to the five-year project “Clean water: a matter for everyone” in the slums of Ethiopia carried out by Amref Flying Doctors. For this project Amref creates facilities for clean water and sewerage with the help of local partners and they extend existing (sanitary) facilities in slums and schools. Next to that, information and training courses about hygiene are given for residents and children in schools to prevent diseases.


In addition, the project motivates and supports young people and women to set up sustainable businesses around clean water, sanitation and hygiene - think of public showers and toilets that truck drivers use for a fee. Next to that, Amref trains and supports government employees in their management tasks and working together with the local business community. Amref wants to develop a sustainable system to ensure that local people do not remain dependent on their support.


Eventually more than 144,000 people in slums and other poor areas will have access to clean drinking water and sanitation.


A personal story from Ethiopia: the story of Fatema

Until the day of giving birth Fatema Mohamed had to fetch water four kilometers away. Fatema was happy with the water pump that was restored in her village by Amref. Fetching water took the whole day and now only half an hour.


The heavily pregnant Fatema had no choice but to walk every day for clean drinking water. "I could not run the risk that my children would drink polluted water. The risk of diarrhea or even death is too big. "And so Fatema ran four kilometers to the water pump in the adjoining village every day until the day she gave birth to her child. Often she had to wait there for hours until all the residents of that village had taken their water. When it was busy, she sometimes had to return home with an empty jerrycan at night. "On the way I often suffered from cramps and had to rest on my way."


The repair of the water pump in the village by Amref Flying Doctors was therefore received with open arms by Fatema and her fellow villagers. "My children now drink safe water and can go to school every day because they are not sick."


i-team continues supporting MADE BLUE

Our donations are not only going to the project in Ethiopia, but also to other projects that are supported by MADE BLUE. Meanwhile, we have already made 208,687,500 liters of clean drinking water available: that is enough to provide over 572 families with water for 10 years. This is badly needed, because diseases caused by polluted water are still one of the main causes of death for children under the age of 5. Due to the lack of clean drinking water and good sanitation, 430,000 children die each year from the effects of diarrhea alone. That is 1,200 children (40 overcrowded school classes) per day.