FM Next Generation

i-team Global is involved and listens to the next generation within our industry. This is valuable feedback for us and our partners because the next generation comes with new insights and a different view of the industry. This generation is the customer of tomorrow. That's why i-team Global is a proud supporter of FM next generation for the upcoming 2 years. FM Next Generation is a platform for young professionals in the cleaning and/or facility industry younger than 35 years. The goal of the platform is to share knowledge and to inspire each other and the cleaning and facility industry. Niels van der Sanden, content facilitator at i-team Global, participates on behalf of i-team Global. In Q2 i-team Global will be hosting an FM Next Generation event. 

First event 
With 32 enthusiastic young professionals on board, FM Next Generation had their first event in Rotterdam on November 14th. It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic young professionals. There were a lot of news fans who joined FM Next Generation after the kick-off at the end of August. “Apparently, the need for younger colleagues to get to know each other and meet each other is great,” says Esther van der Lelie from Schoonmaakjournaal. The applications for the new workgroups and subsequent events also confirm the involvement of fans and supporters. 


FM Next Generation sets itself the goal to provide a boost to the facilities industry, from a youth perspective, by working on a positive reputation and indelible impact on the cleaning and facility industry. Jay Smit (Greenspeed) forms the board of FM Next Generation together with Kimberley Roersma (Mother Cleans Nature), Martijn Korbee (Numatic) and Dirk Roelofsen (Hijman Schoonmaakartikelen). Greenspeed was the host of the first event. On behalf of this quartet, Dirk explained the mission, objective and set-up of FM Next Generation.


With 75 members – the quantitative target for 2019 – the board wants to focus on the positivity of reputation and impact. The platform for young professionals up to 35 years old can already welcome 50 fans. FM Next generation has no members, only fans. Similarly, no sponsors, but supporters – companies that make this initiative possible for the next two years. i-team Global, Hijman, Greenspeed and Numatic are already supporters.



In terms of the structure of FM Next Generation, the board focuses on working groups. “We are going to work in workgroups on themes and trends in the cleaning / FM industry,” explains Dirk. For the four initiated workgroups – communication, reputation, disruption and coaching – fans immediately signed up during the event. They start working on a subject with three or four FMNextGen’ers and report the status and developments per event - which is provided on a quarterly basis. In
short, working on a future perspective.



Of course, FM Next Generation is also a business club. So another idea that Dirk launched on behalf of the board: "Pull out a business card from the bucket and within three weeks provide a lead or connection for the person you pulled the card from. This creates connection and you get to know each other well."


For the online connection with your customers, guest speaker Yoran Roemersma, a data-driven marketer, took us on a trip. Along the essential CRM and social media to a targeted destination: success! "Know what you want, make a plan, take steps and focus for example on your 10 best customers and learn from your 10 worst customers."

"It's great to see that companies such as Facility Trade Group, i-team Global, RAI / Interclean, Spectro, Beercoo Cleaning Group, LEVIY, Numatic and Asito are already starting to organize a quarterly event," says Esther van der Lelie from Schoonmaakjournaal – the facilitator and initiator of FM Next Generation – right back after the event.

And of course there was plenty of room for networking. Because young people naturally want to think, look ahead, learn and inspire each other.