Kardex for a faster, cleaner, greener, safer and better supply chain

Increased efficiency, space saved, Fewer order-picking errors, better inventory management and improved ergonomics and working environment are just a few of the intended benefits of our new KARDEX automation storage system. We are currently busy with preparations so that we can expect to work with this new storage system in March.

The supplier started with the hardware buildup in our distribution center at i-team HQ in Eindhoven mid-December 2019. The system has 2 times 93 drawers with in total 586 m2 space to put baskets for medium and small components. The filling of these KARDEX baskets will take till Mid-February.  

Our software suppliers are working together to get the needed software systems and server up and running. According to plan the final software systems will be completed at the 17th of February. This means we can start the implementation of the storage system internally but also towards our partners by the middle of March.

The implementation of this flexible storage system also means stock optimization: we will create a higher efficiency on the supply of small and medium parts towards our partners. By creating more available storage space additional components can be placed in stock so we can supply from one location worldwide all components available. This system will minimize order-picking errors, goods will remain cleaner during their stay in our warehouse and on top of this better ergonomics and a reduction of the walking distance for our warehouse team with around 65%.