New products 2018

New i-team product releases 2018

By challenging traditional technologies and practices to devise better solutions from the ground up, i-team Global has redefined standards and expectations. We have characterized the Cleaning SPACE as ā€˜4Dā€™, including the dimensions of floors, furnishings, walls & ceilings, and the air within a facility. It is only by addressing these interrelated dimensions that a facility can be made optimally clean. The latest addition to the i-team global portfolio represent state of the art technologies and practices to maximize the value of cleaning.

Discover the new i-vac 4B

Cordless backpack vacuum cleaner for faster cleaning.
Imagine having complete freedom of movement whilst vacuuming. The i-vac 4B runs on batteries and you carry the lightweight vacuum cleaner on your back. Allowing you to move with maximum mobility and work efficiently. The backpack vacuum cleaner allows you to cover more than twice the floorspace compared to a normal vacuum cleaner, and is more ergonomically designed. The i-vac 4B Move dramatically improves how you work and is an opportunity to improve your cleaning operations - making it cleaner, faster and safer.


i-vac 4b move

i-scrub 30 EM Pro (B)

Scrubbing floors with orbital movement
Single-disc scrubbing has never been easier. Advanced orbital technology is based on 1650 RPM which simulated an orbital movement with no side forces. The i-scrub 30EM Pro is available in two versions: the Pro version with a detachable power cord and the B version is battery powered. The i-scrub 30EM is a nifty machine with a lot of power. The water tank on top ensures you can mix in your chemicals to perfection. To prevent damage to furniture and walls, we’ve created a rubber bumper for you to work freely!

Travel light with i-land S Pro

Transport all your cleaning products & equipment on one cart.
Service multiple areas without having to go back and replenish with the i-land S Pro. You can store your i-mop, extra tanks, battery charger, microfibre and more on this flexible & sturdy cart. Move your equipment around difficult and obstructed areas such as bungalow parks, hotel floors, festival grounds, uneven surfaces, rocky terrain and any small confined location.


i-land s Pro

i-protect New

Together we’ll defeat the toughest invaders
By using i-protect, surfaces will be cleaner, safer, and they will stay that way for an extended period. That usually means a massive reduction in cleaning cycles. The aXonnite® particles in i-protect will kill all types of bacteria and fungi. They will keep fighting them long after you are done, not just during the cleaning process. Because we added Pureti PCO technology to i-protect new Clean & Fresh, it will also purify your air, when used to clean glass surfaces. It also removes odours, breaks down harmful VOC’s and makes your world shine bright again.

i-protect New


The ultimate grease eliminator.
The ultimate weapon in the war against grease throughout your kitchen. With i-science, we dispose of any fat/oil residue from the kitchen extraction hood through a enzyme technology (combined with compressed air), and transform the elements into water/H2O compartments and pure oxygen. No more nasty smells, and no more manual emptying of dirty grease traps!
Since i-science is powered by nature and is non-chemical based, we recommend that you use the full range of products to make sure you don’t damage the i-science enzyme ecosystem.



One pole to rule them all
Start washing windows with both feet on the ground. Our new i-wash water fed pole system allows you to reach even the highest windows without having to use a ladder. The Pro reach even lets you work up to 20 meters. Due to the light weight and rigidity of our poles, goosenecks and brushes, you will be able to work with more speed & efficiency and without the heavy struggle on your body. i-wash has a quick release system so you can exchange brushes and accessories quickly and save precious time.


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