Sustainability, because we care...

We believe that it is not only possible, but necessary to reconcile the three imperatives of helping people, protecting the environment, and creating successful and sustainable businesses while maintaining the highest ethical standards. How is this so?

First of all i-team is a people focused business, so we believe in people first. Human to human instead of building to building or computer to computer. Our technology makes it possible to create safer and healthier buildings. By respecting the dignity and importance of cleaning professionals we aim to promote a satisfying and rewarding work experience. We are a global family that is committed to one another’s success.

Our environmental consciousness animates i-team technologies and processes that dramatically reduce water and chemical consumption. Through our partnership with Made Blue we replace every drop of water that is used in our cleaning operations by supporting construction of wells in developing countries. Hereby we provide sustainable living for many people all over the world. We walk the talk in our buildings by using solar energy, heat pumps, floor heating, LED lighting and recirculating rainwater. Our equipment is designed for easy repair through modular replacements and swap-out programs that deploy logistical serviced instead of field technicians, by doing this reducing our carbon footprint.

Our dealing with i-partners, clients, suppliers and society at large are characterized by long term relationships based on openness, honesty and trust. The higher productivity and more effective risk management resulting in i-team technologies creates greater profitability (ROI) for our customers. The i-team brand is inseparable from the success of the i-partners’ business which is supported by i-team Global and fellow i-partners around the world.

Some facts:
Per beginning 2020 our partnership with Made Blue donated 462.392.938 liter of clean drinking water in developing countries. For our new world logistics and inspiration centre currently build in Eindhoven we use rigorous sustainable design, leading to a to BREEAM ® excellent score.