i-mop featured by ISS Finland

We are happy to share the news that the i-mop has been featured by ISS Finland. Recently ISS Finland published an article about the usage of the i-mop in the Helsinki Music Centre. In the Helsinki Music Centre the surfaces are big and challenging to keep clean. ISS stated in their article that the i-mop is an innovative co-worker and makes it easier and faster to work. 

An innovative and agile combination machine for washing and drying the floor instantly 

The cleaning team at the Helsinki Music Centre is currently using a few i-mops. They say it's an innovative, manoeuvrable machine for immediate washing and drying of the floor. The i-mop has been used for six months now and has made it easier for cleaners to work. With this solution, the Helsinki Music Centre can create a better customer experience. The floors in the Helsinki Music Centre were very challenging to clean before using the i-mop.

People come to the Music Centre to enjoy the experiences and a neat environment is a strong part of the experience. "The i-mop combines the working width and efficiency of a large combination machine, as well as the agility and ease of handling a small machine”. “The i-mop cleans surfaces better, is more ergonomic and faster than other big common scrubber dryers”. "The unit is cordless, so it is also easy to reach from one level to another and it rotates 360 degrees".