i-team Global, Shign and Made Blue present at the trade fair Facility and Building Management

On 23, 24 and 25 January 2019 i-team Global will be present during the trade fair Facility and Building Management. This year we are not alone. Our partners Made Blue and Shign will also be present. At stand C40 in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, we will discuss the future of cleaning with facility managers and building managers.

Made Blue
By partnering up with Made Blue, i-team is able to invest water into developing countries and provide a sustainable living for many people all over the world. Made Blue matches the water saved or used by companies with clean drinking water in developing countries: 1 liter for 1 liter. Because we make every drop of water count, the water used by the i-mop is balanced with investments in the projects of Made Blue.


i-team Global is increasingly becoming an information-driven company. The i-mop, i-link and also the experience app (innovative and interactive tool for collecting real-time user experiences) from Shign collect data about usage, environmental conditions and environmental experience. Shign is a data science company that measures, analyses and models all these data. They are looking for connections and patterns in the data and return this as directed control information to i-team Global.

During the fair there are different lectures. Herman Kok, CEO of Shign, will give a lecture on workplace concepts: how can you create an evidence-based work environment design? In today’s world we are constantly influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves. Some workplaces evoke positive feelings, while some do not: too much noise, unpleasant indoor climate or insufficient suitable workplaces. Many design mistakes are made, often based on intuition. The challenge for FM is to create an attractive and appropriate work environment that contributes to user performance. Experience sampling is the standard research method to ultimately be able to design evidence-based.


i-team Global

Our expertise, knowledge and involvement in the industry isn’t simply manufactured. It has emerged from the wishes from our users. We genuinely want to improve and change the entire way of cleaning. By continually collecting customer feedback and exploring the latest technology we are able to give our customers access to innovations that can make a huge difference to the way their company cleans.

We would like to inform you about the following i-team concepts at the trade fair:


4D Cleaning

We can explain the term “4D cleaning” in many different ways. We thought it might be a good idea to define the term here. In the cleaning world, we think a good overview of all the different areas and sizes consists of 4 dimensions: floors, walls and ceiling, furniture and indoor air. As a cleaning industry professional, it is very necessary to be able to provide your clients with a vast number of innovative machines with endless possibilities. Our 4D cleaning philosophy translates into our products, using interchangeable batteries between machines, or elements that are borrowed from one another. i-team products make each other stronger, and return their investment within weeks.



i-protect is a line of i-team liquid products which protect and modify the surface and some of them have additional cleaning power. All i-protect liquids utilize unique aXonnite technology. i-protect is for all cleaners and professional end-users who care about a high cleanliness level. The purpose of i-protect is to help the user to clean faster and more easily.


i-mop lite

The imop Lite is the smallest and lightest version – 50% lighter than the i-mop XL – available in the i-mop range. By expanding its current range of i-mops, i-team is offering a tool with outstanding manoeuvrability and portability, perfect for mobility cleaning. The imop Lite can go in even smaller spaces than its bigger brother, the original i-mop. From the renewed control panel to the new floating ball water lock, everything is designed to make it even more user-friendly.



You can scientifically prove how effective and thorough the i-range products clean, by using the i-know kit, containing ATP tests (Adenosine triphosphate), slip meters and dirt challenges. The collected data can help get more insights in a cleaning process and give objective feedback about the quality of the cleaning results.


Liberation from the cord with i-power. Throughout the history of the cleaning industry, we have been tied down to charging stations, outlets and other mounted sources or gathering power. Now using li-ion batteries, we are able to use high quality scrubber dryers, gum removers, grout cleaners and vacuum cleaners.