ISSA Interclean 2018

i-team Global at Interclean 2018

During the Interclean 2018 show in Amsterdam, i-team Global displayed a lot of new innovative products at different stands and spots in the RAI. The vision we shared was our 4D new, the REAL clean philosophy. 

4D new the REAL clean

We redefined the cleaning SPACE as ‘4D’, including the dimensions of floors, furnishings, walls & ceilings, and the air within a facility. It is only by addressing these interrelated dimensions that a facility can be made optimally clean. By challenging traditional technologies and practices to devise better solutions from the ground up, i-team Global has redefined standards and expectations. To ensure a space is actually clean, we innovated new solutions, including patented breakthrough technologies and state of the art monitoring and control systems.

New products showcased in 5 stands

The i-team was represented at five stands, in and outside of the RAI to showcase our new product lines. Of course our revolutionary scrubber dryer the i-mop XL & i-mop XXL were shining as usual, demonstrating new areas and spaces in which the i-mop has shown great successes.

A whole new range of products was powered by our i-power system. Free from cords and outlets, the new i-team vacuum cleaners, scrubber dryers and gum removal machines are now cordless and operational 24/7 (with two sets of batteries). Charge your batteries while you work, and make the most out of your cleaning time and effort.

At our main stand we proudly launched 6 new innovations, the i-vac 4b Move, i-scrub 30 EM Pro B, i-land S Pro, i-protect New, i-science which you can read about here. Besides that, you could visit us outside to see the i-gum in action the revolutionary i-suit made for washing windows and window panes. In hall 8 i-team showcased solutions for gym & training facilities. And finally in our washroom you could find out how i-fibre (microfiber) and scrubber machines can clean your bathroom/shower/toilet areas.


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