New division i-team Hygiene

i-team has a new division: i-team Hygiene. The new division offers products in the field of infection prevention and control and was developed in response to the global corona crisis. The need to use a different definition of clean and cleaning is becoming evident. Just think of social distancing, or the 1.5-meter society. This means major revisions to protocols, behaviour and awareness. Each sector has its own challenges.

i-team has worked hard in recent weeks to start up the new division. An e-commerce platform has now been created, equipped with a webshop “to serve customers quickly and effectively.” With the products in the webshop, i-team Hygiene wants to stay ahead and offer products in the field of infection prevention and control. The i-team Hygiene webshop focuses on a complete range of hygiene and safety products such as hand protection, face protection, body protection and surface protection. For example: the webshop offers protective hand gels, foam dispensers, antibacterial wipes, medical face masks and surface cleaners.

The range of the webshop will grow in the coming period with additional product groups and a wider range of products. The webshop was initially designed for customers in Europe. In addition to purchasing directly via the e-commerce environment, the articles can also be delivered via our existing partner network. More advice and customization can be offered through these partners.

a new standard of cleaning

According to the specialists of i-team Hygiene, the cleaning standard has changed. "Not least because of COVID-19 and the changed insights and requirements of the ‘1.5 meter society’ that can no longer be ignored. End users will deploy new total solutions based on their duty of care, optimizing the customer experience and making their revenue models sustainable. Whether you are a professional cleaning company, a restaurant, a school or healthcare facility.”

Specialists offer tailor-made cleaning solutions

In times like these the i-team Global team is ready for advice on tailor-made cleaning solutions for both facility managers or cleaning entrepreneurs. “Due to the many years of experience in the field of cleaning, our consultants can come up with a suitable cleaning solution for you. The best cleaning solution is examined and a cleaning package will be drawn up on the basis of this. Implementation and (ongoing) training for staff can also be provided.”