Orbot and i-team joining hands together

Orbot and i-team have joined hands together, and together we are better, more innovative, creative, and provide our planet with more solutions that will continue to help change the way you think about cleaning.

Orbot and i-team Global are proud to present the opening of Orbot Global B.V., a new Dutch company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.  Orbot USA will continue to handle the sales responsibilities for the U.S. and Japanese markets and focus on new innovative products that together will keep Orbot and i-team as the leaders in orbital floor care.

Orbot Global B.V. will offer a centralized stocking center for the world and handle all sales outside of the USA and Japan. This location will supply all necessary spare parts, accessories, sales, and marketing support, which in turn will strengthen the supply and demand chain and customer support for Orbot and i-team partners. The new location will also provide a hands-on training center and product showroom to help optimize the education of orbital cleaning technology capabilities.