i-wash Basic Reach water-fed pole system

Full control and perfect for a quick start

Get started quickly

The i-wash Basic Reach is a perfect entry level pole  to get started quickly


Using i-wash in combination with i-suit allows you to work 20% faster on bigger jobs without the struggle on your body. Reducing the workload and physical strain by 50%.

Smart clamps

The hi-tech smart clamps prevent spinning levers and are designed to operate easily & reliably throughout the pole’s entire life. The clamps allow you to easily extend or  collapse the pole in just seconds.

Modular Extensions

The i-wash is a telescopic and  modular concept. You can add or remove extensions from the pole  to meet your needs. The handle  diameter remains the same regardless of the amount of extensions used. All parts have endcaps  to protect the carbon fiber from damaging, making them extra durable.

Hose management

The hose is led through the inside of the pole so you will never get tangled up. Removing the hose to change a brush is done in seconds. Pull out the red locking clip, push the black collar towards the T-piece, hold it whilst pulling out the hose and off you go

Efficient quick release system

i-wash has a quick release system so you can exchange brushes and accessories quickly and save  precious time on the job.

Visual warning

Never overextend your poles with the visual warning system used at the end of each pole.

i-suit glasses

We created glasses that borrow the elements of belay glasses: the #1 product for safety and security. This allows you to concentrate, and have a great overall vision of your work area.

Interested in the i-wash Basic Reach?