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We got you covered
In light of the current pandemic

Smart and efficient disinfection

Traditional approaches to disinfecting don’t cut it anymore. They are often inefficient, but also ineffective. The cordless i-cover is an advanced cold mist generator designed to make your disinfecting job fast, efficient, and thorough. Simply fill the tank with our range of eco-friendly and safe liquids, push the trigger and start!

Take charge

Cleaning around the clock

The i-power 14 battery works around 12 hours for the i-cover 2.5 and 18 hours for the i-cover 1.0. Not that you need that many hours, the job is done efficiently thanks to cordless operation and specific nozzles. Choose a refined or wide spray for ultimate coverage and faster cleaning. Empty tank? No problem! You get 2 tanks included, so you can quickly change tanks during operation.


Attention to detail

A nozzle for every job

Fast is great, but accuracy is everything. The multiple stainless steel nozzles provide fine-tuned coverage. For fragile objects, use the yellow finest mist nozzle. For indoor applications, use the green fine mist nozzle. For food preparation, use the orange medium mist nozzle. For outdoors and walls, use the blue coarse mist nozzle.


Make the planet great again

Longer lifespan for the i-cover

All internal rubber components are chemical and corrosion resistant, which results in a longer lifespan. The i-cover comes with a battery charger, so you can keep reusing your battery. On top of that, we made sure that all parts can be easily replaced. Less waste, more sustainability, a happy planet! 


Work smarter, not harder

Excellent ergonomics

The i-cover 1.0 is easily handheld thanks to the smartly-designed handle. When you choose for the 2.5, the device comes with a convertible backpack. You can configure it in four different ways: by hand, shoulder, back and with a trolley. This guarantees better control and excellent ergonomics for the user.


A better choice

Keep cleaning fun, fast and efficient

Experience the joy of faster cleaning times and better coverage. If you want to be sure your facility is properly disinfected within a short timespan, the i-cover’s got you covered. The job is made easy and fun for the cleaning crew thanks to a smart design and a wide range of nozzles. 


Want to get to know me?

i-cover 2.5

Handle weight
1 kg
Total product weight
12 kg
Work range (to empty tank)
375 m2
Running time battery
12 hours
Dimensions (l x w x h)
30x25x62 cm
Tank Volume
2.5 Liter
Integrated backpack and trolley
Details i-cover 2.5

i-cover 1.0

Handle weight
1 kg
Total product weight
7.5 kg
Work range (to empty tank)
150 m2
Running time battery
12 hours
Dimensions (l x w x h)
30x23x27 cm
Tank Volume
1 Liter
2 tanks included, for changing during operation
Details i-cover 1.0