Co-botic™ 65

Co-botic™ 65

Breaking down barriers of large spaces

Just tell me what to do

I'll do the work

The Co-botic™ 65 is an autonomous cleaning machine that’ll soon become your favorite colleague. It’s capable of automatically navigating complex, real-world environments, adapting its path to any obstacles that it encounters and safely responding to encounters with people or animals.

The key feature of the Co-botic 65 is its smart design to carry an imop Lite on its back, allowing the operator to exit the vehicle and clean more detailed areas. With two sets of batteries this smooth drive is ready to serve you 24/7. The turning radius of just 2.5m makes the device extremely flexible, offering excellent maneuverability.

Ready for the next generation?

Clean up your act

The future is here. By implementing co-botics into your cleaning operations, you can maintain a high standard of cleaning with ultimate efficiency. This technology makes it possible to automate a range of tasks via interaction between humans and robotics. A cobot is designed to work together with a human (as opposed to a robot). In short: people can attend to various tasks, while the repetitive work can be done by a cobot in a way that’s faster, greener, cleaner, safer, and better for everyone.

  • Clean large spaces automatically in a fast and efficient way
  • Cleaners can focus on detailed and more skillful work
  • Easy controls and settings with the interface App
  • Add advanced artificial intelligence to your workforce

I got your back

Co-botic and imop Lite: a great duo

Allow the co-botic 65 to clean large spaces while the operator attends to smaller areas and more detailed work. This can easily save up to 50% of your cleaning time. The explanatory icons and clean panel make this one easy ride. Use the app to control the autonomous features.


Not all great things need time

Get the job done fast

The deep cleaning action of the co-botic 65 cleans the floors with 25kg brush pressure on the floor and 175 RPMs of scrubbing action. You can also fill, refill, and empty the imop Lite easily. Get fresh water from the co-botic 65 or empty the recovery tank into the co-bot by hose in a pinch.


Make the planet great again

We love Mother Nature

The co-botic 65 can run in eco-mode. This means that you’re saving water and detergent, while also extending battery life. The batteries are rechargeable. Thanks to the 2D-mapping, the co-botic 65 will always choose the smartest route, preventing wasted battery power.


Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Cleaning and safety go hand in hand

The machine complies with EU-CE standards. The on-board sensors ensure the safety of the operator and people around it. The tanks have an antibacterial coating which kills bacteria and prevents them from sticking to the tank. This results in strong odor reduction and a safer work environment for the cleaner.


Driven by succes

Go along for the ride

By combining autonomous cleaning with the trained human eye, you can get most out of your cleaning operations. The operator and the machine make a perfect team as they can simultaneously execute repetitive and detailed cleaning jobs.


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Technical Specifications new data needed

Working width 610 mm Theoretical performance 2745 m2 per hour Practical performance 1400 m2 per hour Pad pressure 25 kg Pad speed 175 rpm
Typical Operational Weight (TOW) 208 kg Gross Vehical Weight (GVW) 349 kg Driving speed 4.5 km/h Solution tank volume 58 L Recovery tank volume 55 L Detergent tank volumwe 5.5 L Batteries i-power 14: 25.2 V, 14 Ah power 24 V Runtime up to 80 min (24/7 with extra set of batteries) Dimensions (l x w) 1,460 mm x 600 mm Turning circle diameter 2500 mm

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