i-cover 1.0

i-cover 1.0

Small but fierce
Small but fierce

Get the job done

The i-cover 1.0 is smartly designed for ergonomic use and maximum efficiency. The working reach of one water tank (1 litre) is 150m2! And to make things even more fun, you receive two tanks with this product. This means that you can already have the second tank ready to go and switch tanks in no time.

Take charge

The power is in your hands

A full battery results in approximately 12 hours of cleaning. You can easily charge the i-power battery with our new charger. 

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Technical Specifications

Total product weight 7.5 kg
Work range 150 m2
Running time battery 12 hours
Dimensions (l x w x h) 30x23x27 cm
Tank Volume 1 Liter
Extras 2 tanks included, for changing during operation