i-wash Power Wash commercial pressure washer

Stable and effective: best balanced pressure fed pole on the market

Work ergonomically

In combination with the high pressure tube add-on of the i-suit you are able to work ergonomically and improve your work performance. The add-on will also keep the Power Wash balanced.

Extreme temperatures

The material of the Power Wash can handle temperatures from 0°C to 100°C.


Using Power Wash in combination with i-suit allows to keep your body balanced and clean surfaces easily

Smart clamps

The hi-tech smart clamps prevent spinning levers and are designed to operate easily & reliably throughout the pole’s entire life. The clamps allow you to easily extend or collapse the pole in just seconds.

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Visual warning

Never overextend your poles with the visual warning system used at the end of each pole.

i-suit glasses

We created glasses that borrow the elements of belay glasses: the #1 product for safety and security. This allows you to concentrate, and have a great overall vision of your work area.

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