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A human-robot collaboration

Co-botics ensure a lot of happy faces, as they clean floors autonomously, assisting the cleaner in repetitive duties. They don't replace the human cleaners, they cooperate with them!

Each cobot eases the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas. This way, human cleaners avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.

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Co-botics work with passion

Focus on the important

While the co-bot cleans large spaces efficiently, the operator works on jobs that require more detailed attention. Save up to 50% of cleaning time spent on repetitive tasks. It is up to you to decide where you want to use them. Leave the co-bot to program itself or set your own with the i-team professional app.


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Lasting results

Spotless reputation

With a built-in system connecting directly to the accompanying app, you can easily set the work environment of the co-botic. While working, important data is collected to train the co-botic and provide information to the team. It allows you to stay in control of the situation and you can react quickly if something changes.


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Keep it green

Progress and change are required in the industry to keep up with sustainability measures. Co-botics select the smartest routes on the task, so they save as much battery power as possible. When it is time for recharging, simply charge the batteries at the charging station. Want to be even more sustainable? Select the Eco mode.


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Take care

Co-botics sense their surroundings in time and space. They avoid contact and react safely to obstacles. You can even set virtual boundaries in the app to keep the co-bot out of certain areas. Your newest team member will attend to tasks that usually influence the physical well-being of the cleaner.


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Better together

The collaboration between humans and their co-bots provides for deep learning and efficient service delivery. We’re combining the power of robotics with the ingenuity of the human professional cleaner. This increases the quality of your work in an ever-changing environment. Cleaning has never been so consistent.


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