Cleaning Retail

A clean shop makes every customer experience an enjoyable one.

The competitive nature of the retail industry isn't limited to the merchandise on the shelves. Ensure your store has that wow-factor for customers with clean, welcoming entryways, aisles, checkout areas, fitting rooms and rest rooms. Overall cleanliness and appearance — especially in high-traffic areas — are important for creating positive customer experiences that drive repeat business.

Keeping your store dust free

We know that a retail environment has special needs. Those difficult-to-reach areas like high edges, ventilation grids or top shelves that easily collect dust. That dust will end up on the floor, or worse, on your products. This is not only bad for the customer experience but it means you have to clean your floors all over again. Get the dust under control with our i-fibre wallwash. The frame is flexible, perfect for cleaning walls, corners and hard-to-reach places. Using this in combination with the vac 6 or 9B, which both have an extra-long cleaning hose, you can make those hard to reach areas dust-free.

i-vac 9b
Extra long hose for hard-to-reach places For extra reach, use our vacuum cleaners with an extra long hose. Learn more!

Cleaning as you go

Nowadays you can shop 7 days a week and shops are open longer. These longer business hours call for a different approach to cleaning. To keep everything clean most shops will have a ‘clean as you go’ approach, which means you will also have to clean during hours when you are open for business. Since there is often high foot traffic during these hours, choosing the most efficient products is essential.

The i-mop XL is perfect for cleaning as you go. It combines the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial auto scrubbers. It’s quick, you can reach underneath objects and it’s very safe. The i-mop’s advanced fluid management system removes the spent cleaning solution and allows the floor to dry very quickly, reducing potential hazards from slips and falls. As a result, there is no need to put out warning cones, and foot traffic can resume almost immediately.

i-mop XXL clean around people
Cleaning during opening hours Easily clean the floor during opening hours with the i-mop. The i-mop cleans quickly and dramatically improves cleaning results. Read more about the i-mop

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