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Vac 9B the best commercial vacuum

Battery powered freedom

i-power 14 batteries

Two-slot system for flexible runtime of either 40 minutes (one i-power 14 battery) or 80 minutes (two i-power 14 batteries). No longer are you bound to cords or outlets!

i-power 9

Supercharge your batteries

The i-power batteries can now be powered up with the new super smart charger. Charge faster than ever before, to make sure you are always on the go!

High powered engine

High powered motor reaches about 80% (indication) of the suction power that cable operated vacuums use, without the strain of being tied down to one place.

Optional i-brush

This extra floor tool simultaneously agitates the carpet and removes dirt and dust. Powered by the battery.

Technical specifications

Carry weight 7 kg Size body (l x w x h) 45 x 45 x 41 cm Hose length 250 cm Capacity 9 L Diameter of tools 32 mm
Voltage 110 V, 115 V, 230 V, 240 V Sound level 58 dBA Water Lift/suction 1250 mm Air flow 40 L/sec Application Indoor, dry Power source i-power 9 or 14 battery Battery spec i-power 9 24 V 8.8 Ah Battery spec i-power 14 25.2 V 14 Ah Run time 1 battery i-power 9 30 minutes Run time 2 battery i-power 9 60 minutes Run time 1 battery i-power 14 40 minutes Run time 2 battery i-power 14 80 minutes Charger type Off-board Charger 110-240V, 50/60Hz Material machine PP Warranty 1 year

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