Education is the foundation of our future. Let’s keep our future clean.

Education is the foundation of our future. Let’s keep our future clean. Our public and private buildings house our children, teachers, custodial staff and other personnel for most of the week. It is their safe haven, their home away from home, where they meet their peers, start their lives and their careers. It is vital that the air, floor, ceiling and every space is as clean as possible to provide them with a healthy start of their journey in life.


Clean blackboards and clean seats Microfibre cleaning has changed the industry from the moment it was introduced. Less chemical and water usage equals a more sustainable and healthy planet. Learn more


Classrooms and gymnasiums are obstructed areas that require machines with extreme maneuverability. The i-mop XL & XXL are perfect tools to clean hallways and larger hardwood or rubber flooring. With the patented Twister pads, clean every surface with a customized brush tailored to unique cleaning needs.

Cordless vacuuming in your classroom Experience liberation from the cord. Now you can vacuum your classrooms, corridors, and auditoriums without being bound to an outlet.  Learn more

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A solution for every area

The i-team has a complete range of floor cleaning machines for every section of your school building and campus. Make the most of your floors in classrooms, labs, hallways and auditoriums with the i-mop XL, and vacuum the carpets with our vac line (5B, 6, 9B or 30UR, depending on your wants and needs). Keep your playground, parking lot and other outdoor areas gum free with the i-remove, and scrub away any grout areas with the i-scrub 21B. Replace mops and buckets used to clean locker rooms, restrooms, and stairwells with the innovative and revolutionary i-mop XL. Save tremendous time & travel costs with the i-land (an all-in-one cleaning cart solution), and discover new ways to structure your cleaning operations.


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