Cleaning solutions for quick-service restaurants

In your fast-paced business, your cleaning operation has to keep up. The only way to guarantee clean floors and furniture without bothering your guests, is a smart switch to mechanical cleaning. Not just faster, but also safer and up to 100 times cleaner.

With our help, over 10,000 organizations in 72 countries worldwide have saved time, water and money. Do you want to be next?

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If someone drops a coffee or milkshake in front of the cash register, manual cleaning and drying with mop & bucket takes up much time. This is expensive time because you must close the register during the cleaning. With the i-mop scrubber-dryer, this procedure only takes a couple of minutes.

Know that your floor is clean and safe

Slipping because of dirty or wet floors is one of the main risks in quick-service restaurants. To easily measure how slippery your floor is, the tests in the i-know kit provide scientific results. The readings of the tests are stored digitally, enabling you to prove the quality of your floor, whenever you need it.

Easily avoid cross contamination

For safe and smart cleaning of your furniture, our i-fibre products come in distinct colors. Instructing your cleaners to use specific colors for specific cleaning tasks prevents the risk of cross contamination. On top of that, the i-fibre absorbs microbes much better. The result? Your furniture with be up to 100 times cleaner than before. The I-know kit will prove it!

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