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i-team is a global family of distribution partners, operating in over 70 countries. Our headquarters and experience center are located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

What we do

We develop and distribute innovative products and solutions for the cleaning industry. They are:

greener, safer, faster, better and cleaner
The co-botic 1700 is our smart vacuum cleaner that works together with the human cleaner

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Address Hoppenkuil 27B 5626 DD Eindhoven Netherlands
Phonenumber +31 40 266 2450

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imop Lite Pro
4D cleaning

Real cleanliness has 4 dimensions

Floor, walls & ceiling, furniture and indoor air: these are the 4 dimensions of a room. If you only clean one dimension, the dirt from another dimension will infect the clean area again. Discover our 4D cleaning approach

It's not just about cleaning

It's about happy & healthy people

While cleaning has never been more important, we believe effective cleaning is more than ‘just’ the removal of soil. It means ensuring the health and safety of people, while making the job easier, simpler, more efficient and even fun.

Our vision

To make the best sustainable cleaning equipment solutions on earth, to create a healthier and safer environment for people while protecting our planet.

Our mission

To inspire professional cleaners by developing a faster, cleaner, greener, safer, and better cleaning experience which makes customers and buildings, all around the globe, safe, healthy, and happy. We achieve this through innovative hardware and software.

Inquire, innovate, Inspire: these are the guiding principles that define how we design products & interact with customers.
i-mop demo
We continually collect customer feedback and explore the latest technology. 


Our expertise, knowledge and involvement in the industry isn’t simply manufactured, it emerges from the wishes from our users. We genuinely want to improve and change the entire way of cleaning, instead of simply upgrading model after model. By continually collecting customer feedback from multiple fields and exploring the latest technology we are able to give our customers access to innovations that can make a huge difference to the way their company cleans.

Through innovation we keep on improving our products.


Since the 1960’s there has been little change to the scrubber drier. In order to improve the cleaning industry we believe change is essential. Thats why i-team Global started to study cleaning like an anthropologist. By observing the way buildings are cleaned, uncovering frustrations, seeing where time is wasted and looking at the complexity of machines, we were able to come to fundamental new insights.

With these insights i-team developed the i-mop, a renowned example of innovation. This relatively compact machine solves problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. Through innovation we keep on improving our products. Not just designed for cleaning, but most of all for the cleaner.

Inspiring people is one of the core values of i-team Global
One of our goals is to inspire people to open their minds to the idea of change and thinking differently. 


i-team is a global family of distribution partners who operate in over 70 countries. The i-team community is all bout sharing: we believe sharing knowledge is absolutely critical for creating sustainable solutions. We wanted our headquarters in Eindhoven to reflect these beliefs. That is why we have created an experience centre where our partners and customers can visit to get inspired by brainstorm sessions, lectures, demo’s and workshops. One of our goals is to inspire people to open their minds to the idea of change and thinking differently. 

In co-operation with our partners we can deliver you expert advice, machine repairs & communication support. If there is anything else you want to know about us, our products or our cleaning solutions we are just a phone call or e-mail away.

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