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4D Cleaning

A cleaning solution for all dimensions of a room
Floor, walls & ceiling, furniture and indoor air: these are the 4 dimensions of a room. Instead of 'just' products, your cleaning challenge deserves more: a multi-dimensional solution. Read more to discover the benefits of our 4D approach.

The approach for better results

Each room has 4 dimensions:

  1. Floors
  2. Walls and ceiling
  3. Furniture
  4. Indoor air

These 4 dimensions influence how clean a room is. If you only clean one dimension, the dirt from the other dimension will infect the clean area again.

Example: how floor and air are connected

In a recent study, an ATP tested clean floor was dirty again after just two hours. The interesting part? The dirt wasn’t created by people walking on the floor. The dirt came from the air. We often don’t realise that indoor air is often filled with pollution. These particles settle on the floor, furniture and walls so you will keep on having to clean them over and over again. 

By knowing the problem areas in a room you will know how you can get it clean. Only when you approach cleaning in a holistic way you can achieve a REAL clean result.

i-know kit: all the tools you need to measure cleanliness
i-know kit

Prove cleanliness with data

The i-know kit contains an ATP testing device, dirt challenge, slip meter and more.

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Experience 4D cleaning yourself

Each product we develop, specializes in one or more dimension(s). Combined, they complement each other and enable you to clean faster, better, safer, greener and cleaner.

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1. Floors

Cleaning floors is usually the most time consuming task of a cleaner. To save time, we have developed solutions to be more efficient. In addition, our products make floors measurably cleaner, more hygienic and less harmful for the environment.

Three product ranges that have a big impact are:

All machines are cordless and have interchangeable batteries.
The i-mop will clean floors faster, easier and with better results than you can achieve with traditional wet-mopping. You can clean 10 times faster with the i-mop and reduce environmental impact by 75%.


2. Walls and ceiling

Depending on your industry, your walls and ceilings are exposed to various contaminants like dirt, dust and grease. This calls for smart solutions:

  • i-fibre and i-scrub 26H help you reduce cleaning time and manually tough work. By using our pre-treatment mop system, your water and chemical usage will drop significantly as well.
  • Our powerful wall scrubber i-scrub 21B is the tool for grout cleaning

i-fibre wallwash The wallwash frame bends 360°, perfect for cleaning walls and hard-to-reach places. Patented soft-edge technology makes it perfect for 4D cleaning. Discover the i-fibre


3. Furniture

Whether it’s in a hotel, restaurant, shop or airport: your rooms have furniture of other surfaces that demand specific cleaning techniques. These are some of our solutions:

  • i-fibre products. Ranging from double sided microfibre cleaning cloths to pocket mops with mesh backing.
  • i-scrub range to scrub any surface with extreme power
  • i-remove for the removal difficult stains like chewing gum

4D cleaning with the i-fibre
Curved surfaces For curved surfaces like sinks, bathtubs and furniture edges we have the developed the i-scrub 26H. Its patented soft edge technology allows microfibre pads to clean round curved materials. Read more about the i-scrub 26H

4. Indoor Air

In many cleaning concepts, the air is often overlooked. Indoor air pollution includes dust, particles generated from appliances such as cooking stoves and can contain organisms such as dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses. As polluted indoor air can have a big effect on people’s health, we believe it is an important cleaning dimension.

i-air XL i-air XL is proven to remove ≥99.9% of airborne pathogens in laboratory tests. In short: you create healthy, clean, and fresh airflow in your facility. Discover the many benefits for your business. Discover the i-air XL
i-sense air quality meter

This smart meter reads the room and measures the 5 main factors that determine the air quality.

Discover the i-sense