Cleaning solutions for cleanrooms

Maintaining the strict cleanliness standards of cleanrooms is critical for industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing. The presence of even the smallest contaminants can compromise product quality and safety. However, cleanroom cleaning presents unique challenges, including stringent protocols, labor-intensive processes, and the need to minimize downtime.

i-team Global offers advanced cleaning solutions specifically designed to address these challenges, ensuring your cleanroom remains spotless and efficient.

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Cleanroom cleaning

Traditional cleaning methods often fall short in achieving the required level of cleanliness, especially in high-risk environments where human contamination is a significant concern.

Our solutions: SAFE-T-IMOP and SAFE-T-VAC

Introducing the SAFE-T-IMOP and SAFE-T-VAC: our advanced solutions specifically designed for cleanroom environments. These cutting-edge machines revolutionize cleanroom cleaning by minimizing human contact during the process, ensuring thorough cleaning while reducing the risk of contamination to unprecedented levels. From efficient scrubbing to powerful vacuuming, our solutions provide a comprehensive cleaning solution tailored to the unique demands of cleanroom environments.

Our unique solution: SAFE-T-IMOP

Enter our groundbreaking SAFE-T-IMOP technology — the world's only scrubber dryer certified for cleaning cleanroom floors and cleaning sticky mats (such as from Dycem). With its unique design and advanced features, the SAFE-T-IMOP ensures that sticky mats are thoroughly cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.

This unmatched capability sets us apart, offering a solution unmatched by any other machine on the market.

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