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The future of cleanroom cleaning with our ISO CLASS 5 approved SAFE-T products.

Tailored for cleanrooms

There are very specific requirements and concerns for cleanrooms, so our current products were not yet suitable for cleanroom cleaning. We have now changed that with the introduction of two revolutionary cleaning machines: the SAFE-T-IMOP and the SAFE-T-VAC, both designed for cleanrooms.

With these products you can clean a cleanroom faster, save money and significantly relieve the physical strain on cleaners.



1. FIRST scrubber dryer worldwide that’s ISO CLASS 5 approved*.
Some of the specifications that made this possible: ULPA 15 filtration, brushless motor, antistatic plastic and a dust lock.

*Dry-brush mode.

2. Time reduction
You need less time to clean your cleanroom, which means you can get on with your production faster.

3. Cost reduction
Save millions of dollars per year because you need less time to clean. The shutdown time for the cleanroom is much lower and the ROI of the SAFE-T-IMOP is 12 months on average.

4. Antimicrobial
Treated with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.

5. Ergonomic
Reduce stress and strain on the cleaner’s body. This IMOP includes drive support.

6. Cleanroom floor mats
Perfectly suitable for cleaning Dycem, Cleanzone, Workzone and Floating mats.



1. ISO CLASS 5 approved
As a result, it can be used in many clean rooms. Some of the specifications: every seal and rubber is FKM rubber, ESD brass nasal and ULPA 15 filtration.

2. Battery powered
There are other vacuums for cleanrooms but they’re mostly AC-powered. Ours is battery powered which is a very important feature. No ESD-risk and no hassle for the cleaner, because you have no cables around the floor.

3. Time reduction
You need less time to clean your cleanroom, which means you can get on with your production faster.

4. No ESD-risk
No ESD risk because this particular vacuum cleaner runs on batteries.

5. Tested and approved by Intel
A very well-known company in the cleanroom industry.

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More information coming soon. These products are in the final stages of development. We will continue working on them until we reach perfection!

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