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Cleaning solutions for hotels and other hospitality companies

If you want great customer reviews, your hospitality performance has to be excellent. Your guests consider cleanliness as an essential part of hospitality. Therefore, your rooms and public areas have to be spotless. However, cleaning time and staff shortages pose serious challenges. The only solution for the long haul: switching from manual to mechanical cleaning.

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Bedrooms: add a co-bot to your team to do more in less time

Rooms have to be cleaned within an extremely short time. If your cleaners use a traditional product with cord, vacuuming alone takes up 70% of that time. Imagine what extra attention you could give to the room if you leave the floor to a co-bot!

Bathrooms: make big changes in a small space

Using the i-mop scrubber-dryer not only saves time: it also uses less water and detergents than the mop & bucket.

  • Prevent kit edges to become dirty with the i-remove.
  • Remove scale from tiles with the i-scrub. The easy switching between hand mode and telescopic wand mode improves cleaning speed and cleaner ergonomics.

Public areas: fast solutions for fast results

For your hard floor areas like your lobby, bar, kitchen and hallways, we propose 2 solutions:

  • Combining a co-botic 45 and an i-mop: the most efficient combination of robotic efficiency and the human eye.
  • The i-mop XXL: our biggest scrubber-dryer that cleans up to 1800 m2 per hour.

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