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Revolutionizing hotel cleaning

When every detail matters

Every detail matters in the competitive realm of hospitality, where guest experience reigns supreme. With a visionary perspective, i-team Global integrates efficiency, sustainability, hygiene, safety, and excellence, ensuring tailor-made solutions. Prepare for a new era of hotel cleaning that defies conventions.



A new horizon

Key challenges in the hotel industry

In the current landscape, it’s time that we reimagine hotel cleaning. Labor shortages drive the pursuit of efficiency, while high staff turnover mandates tools that are easy to operate. As cleaning staff takes on broader roles, ergonomic design is paramount. With a heightened focus on safety, both for the environment and guests, impeccable cleaning becomes the bedrock. Online reviews wield significant influence, demanding a constant 100% cleaning performance. Within this dynamic landscape, i-team Global emerges as the answer, revolutionizing the industry with innovative solutions that address these challenges head-on.

10 key challenges

  Staff shortages    Cleanliness
   Rising labor cost    Regulatory compliance
   Evolving roles of cleaning staff    Maintaining image
   High maintenance costs    Customer reviews
   Decreasing turnaruound times    Sustainability and eco-friendliness

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Change the way you think about cleaning

The solution for your challenges

At i-team Global, we address all these critical challenges by offering intelligent cleaning solutions that are designed based on our 5 pillars:

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Well-being for all

People first

The impact of this transition reaches beyond efficiency and sustainability, significantly influencing worker well-being. Manual cleaning frequently leads to physical strain and fatigue among workers, resulting in lower job satisfaction and potential health issues. Mechanized solutions alleviate these concerns by minimizing physical exertion and repetitive motions. This not only improves the overall working conditions but also leads to a happier, more engaged workforce.

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Smarter hotel cleaning

From manual to mechanical

As industries worldwide recognize the benefits of transitioning to mechanical cleaning, the hospitality sector is no exception. In hotels, where guest experience is paramount, the shift to mechanization ensures faster, more hygienic, and efficient cleaning routines. These innovations directly translate to improved guest satisfaction and staff morale, contributing to the overall success of your hotel.

Cordless Freedom

Cordless Freedom liberates cleaning operations by eliminating cords, enhancing mobility and safety, saving significant time in hotel cleaning. This feature empowers cleaning professionals by removing trip hazards and the hassle of managing cords.

Plug & Play

Plug & Play simplifies productivity by optimizing battery and charger usage across multiple devices, boosting efficiency and delivering faster, more satisfying results.

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Forging a path to excellence

A sustainable future

i-team Global is not only about innovation but also sustainability. Recognizing the urgent need to conserve resources, i-team takes bold steps:

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Maximize efficiency

Cleaning solutions for hotels

At i-team Global, we don't just provide solutions; we deliver a transformative experience that empowers your hotel to excel in every aspect. Discover the future of hotel cleaning with us – where every advantage counts. From reducing cleaning time to delivering superior results, these cutting-edge products address the pressing industry challenges with ingenuity.

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