co-botic™ 1700

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co-botic 1700
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The co-botic™ 1700 is our robotic vacuum cleaner, that works together with the human cleaner. It has 3 versions: standard, Drop & Go and Pro.

No robot, but a co-bot

A co-bot isn’t meant to replace the (human) cleaner. Instead, it’s meant to cooperate with the cleaner. A cobot eases the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas.

This way, the cleaner can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.

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Work, your way

1. The standard edition

The standard 1700 comes with a compact charging station. Thanks to its small design, it can be discretely placed underneath furniture or in the corner of a room. The co-bot automatically returns to the charging station after cleaning.
It's possible to upgrade the standard 1700 with a dust collector bin.

Co-botic 1700 in a daycare center
Co-botic 1700, Drop & Go version
The portable edition

2. Drop & Go edition

The co-botic™ 1700 Drop & Go has the same specifications as the standard edition, but it’s designed to be portable. Instead of returning to its charging station, it automatically returns to the point where you dropped it.

The optional charging trolley helps you to move and charge up to 6 co-bots.

Key features of the charging trolley

  • Carry up to 6 co-botic™ 1700 at once
  • Charge all co-bots simultaneously
  • Powered by just 1 plug
  • Large castor wheels for easy transport

Hotspot Easy Connect

3. Pro edition

Don’t want to connect the co-botic™ 1700 to your company Wi-Fi? No problem. The 1700 Pro can create its own hotspot. Just insert a sim-card and let the cleaner connect their device directly to the co-botic™ 1700 Pro. 

co-botic 1700 Pro
Not all great things need time

Get the job done fast

The co-botic™ 1700 can keep working for up to 270 minutes. Want to keep working around the clock? By adding an extra battery to your inventory, you can alternate the batteries and keep working non-stop. Bonus: it can even be used overnight in dark areas without any trouble.


co-botic 1700
co-botic 1700 app
We make a great team

Always the cleanest results

It’s possible to program the co-botic™ 1700 with the i-team professional app and give it specific cleaning instructions. Alternatively, the co-botic™ 1700 can program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job.


We love Mother Nature

Nothing wasted

The co-botic™ 1700 is programmed to vacuum as precisely and efficiently as possible. Every bit of energy is used for cleaning - nothing wasted. Where the co-botic™ 1700 only uses 50W in one hour, several alternatives would easily be using 1000W.


co-botic 1700 inegrated dust bin
co-botic 1700 bottom view
Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Cleaning and safety go hand in hand

As the co-botic™ 1700 works on a battery, there are no cables involved. This instantly reduces the risk of falling hazards. By setting virtual boundaries in the app, you make sure the co-botic™ 1700 stays in designated areas.


Optional upgrade

Dust collector bin

Do you need the co-botic™ 1700 to perform multiple cleaning routines without needing to empty the integrated dustbin? No problem! With the optional dust collector bin, the co-bot can perform a daily cleaning route for 2-3 months (soft floor) before the bin needs emptying!

The dust collector bin is a charging station and dust collector in one. After a cleaning routine, the co-bot automatically empties the dust from its integrated dustbin into the easily replaceable dust bag.


co-botic 1700
co-botic 1700

Technical Specifications

Power rate 50W Voltage 14.4V Suction Power 2700Pa/1600Pa (Power) 1200Pa (Standard) 600Pa (Quite) Duration time 270 minutes run time Charge time 240 minutes (0% -> 100%) / 120 minutes (20% -> 80%)
Sound level 73 dB / 67 dB / 65dB Speed 0.3 m/s Obstacle crossing ability 20 mm Max. Slope 15° Dust Bin volume 400 ml RPM main Brush 1300rpm RPM Side brush (clean) 230 ± 15% r/min RPM Side Brush (recharging) 120 ± 15% r/min Battery 16.8V / 5200 mAh Dimensions 350x350x98 Weight 3,4 kg

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