i-team solutions for supermarkets

Cleaning solutions for supermarkets

A clean store makes your customers feel welcome. It improves their buying intentions and their perception of the quality of your products. However, daily cleaning can be time consuming, difficult to organize and expensive. The solution? Mechanizing your cleaning operation with products specifically designed for supermarkets.

With our help, over 10,000 organizations in 72 countries worldwide have saved time, water and money. Do you want to be next?

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Time is money

Still using mop & bucket? Upgrading your cleaning routine will save water, detergents and your cleaners’ health. Not to mention valuable time. Every single day.

Time comparison

A 650 m2 supermarket floor would take:

  • 4 hours with a mop & bucket
  • 1 hour with a large walk-behind machine (calculated practical ISSA times)
  • 40 minutes with an I-mop XXL.

Aisles cleaning: optimize your daily routine

Our scrubber-dryers i-mop XL Pro and XXL Pro are faster than any other solution on the market. They also generate significantly less noise in silent mode due to the new, brushless motor. This way, floor cleaning while customers are in your shop becomes more convenient for them. Hence for you.

The best way to combine robotic and human cleaning power

A co-botic 45 and an i-mop (lite) make the best supermarket cleaning team. While the co-bot cleans the main isles autonomously, the human cleaner focuses on the hard to reach spots around the racks. Together they achieve the best result in the fastest time.

Easy on the greasy

Cart wheels, shoe soles and fallen products all leave traces of grease on your floor. For these oily circumstances, your cleaning tool needs to be equipped with the right components. For supermarkets, we therefore recommend our primothane squeegee: the best option for greasy floors.

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