We understand that a clean restaurant is crucial for its success!

For a good restaurant to be a great restaurant, you’ll need a spotless kitchen, a nice atmosphere and a clean dining area. Proper cleaning and sanitation are key to the health and safety of your customers and employees. After all, because your business is food, clean surfaces are a necessity to prevent contamination.

Instead of my staff getting a mop and spending an hour to do a job, they only spend 10 minutes with the i-mop.

Protect your customers and employees from slipping

Restaurant are inherent to a greasy environment that can create slippery floors. Around the clock traffic with harsh weather, and spills pose additional slip and fall hazards. Cleaning floors in the kitchen and the customer area quickly is key to preventing slip-and-fall accidents. i-mop quickly cleans and recaptures solution, typically leaving floors clean, dry (as measured by standardized slip testing), and safe within seconds. Using the i-mop in combination with our slip alert can save you time, money and help you prevent any slip accidents and serious injuries.

Cleaning up a spill has never been so fast! The i-mop leaves floors dry in just 30 seconds! Read more

Deep cleaning

When working with food, a lack of hygiene can contaminate food with germs and bacteria. This is simply not an option for a restaurant, and on top of that, bad hygiene can ruin any customer’s experience. Keeping the kitchen clean is essential for a successful restaurant. The floor is one of the most important areas to concentrate on. Gravity ensures that contaminates grease and residue of other cleaning activity will end up on the floor. the i-mop uses clean water on every surface, vacuums up the dirty solution, removes 4X as much soil as a mop and applies powerful mechanical action that even cleans grease buildup and grout lines. ATP testing confirms that i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes deep scrub for 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping. 

The hard surfaces in a kitchen are common places for bacteria and germs to live. Little corners and cracks can easily trap food and excess water. This is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow. The i-scrub and i-fibre family are perfect for cleaning these areas. These tools can also be used for the customer area and the restrooms. Our tools are HACCP color-coded in order to prevent cross-contamination.



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Clean in a fraction of time

Fast food restaurant cleaning is just as the name suggests: fast, efficient and constantly on, reflecting the flow of the industry itself. A never ending stream of orders can overwhelm employees when they are not equipped with the best tools to clean quickly and effectively. With a productivity that is 8-10 times faster than conventional mopping, the i-mop is the perfect tool to clean the floors of your establishment. It cleans anywhere from entrances to dining areas, kitchens to restrooms, and everywhere in between. Some facts:

Cleaning a 30 mkitchen with a conventional mop takes up to 15 minutes. It will take the i-mop only 5 minutes.

Cleaning a 150 mdining area with a conventional mop takes up to 90 minutes. It will take the i-mop only 5 minutes.

Cleaning up spills with a wet mop takes up to 10 minutes. It will take the i-mop only 5 minutes.

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