i-know kit with ATP test

Prove cleanliness with data

i-know kit
i-know slip meter
Get more insights in the cleaning process

Makes the invisible visible

The i-know kit makes the invisible visible by scientifically proving how effective and thorough the i-range products clean. The collected data helps you get more insights in the cleaning process, making future cleaning operations more efficient.


Quickly check if surfaces are clean

Monitor cleanliness

With our i-know kit you can start monitoring cleanliness. The glossmeter is an indicator of appearance and cleanliness. Use the ATP tests from the kit to quickly check if surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. By implementing a monitoring tool, cleaning personnel will perform more consistently because they know cleanliness will be measured regularly.


i-know ATP meter
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Prove how little water is used

Environmental friendly 

The dirt challenge helps you prove how little water the i-mop uses and how much dirt it recovers out of the grouts and floor compared to competitive machines. The gloss meter creates a high re-flective gloss level so you need less light energy to create the same light experience.


Be responsible

Prevent slip accidents

Unsafe slippery floors are often a result of floors being cleaned. Slips are a big cause of major injuries and can cost far more than you think. The slip alert can help you to prevent slip accidents and serious injuries.


i-know slip meter
i-know kit
Objective feedback

Better for everyone

With ATP tests, slip meters and dirt challenges, we collect data to get objective feedback about the quality of the cleaning results. Making future cleaning operations more efficient and cleaner.


Check surfaces quickly


i-know ATP test

Easy to use


Minimal costs


You can use an ATP system to quickly check if surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. For example in the food industry and healthcare it is vital to ensure that biofilms are not developing on the surface that could effect quality or even cause serious health issues.
Our ATP tests are easy to use. In just three steps you have your ATP results. Swab, snap, squeeze. It's that easy.
Our ATP test costs up to 50% less than other ATP test devices. The pre-wetted swab maximizes sample recovery and even breaks through biofilm. The unique liquid-stable reagent gives superior sensitivity and reliable results.

Want to know more about the i-know kit?

Challenge your sales team

The dirt challenge

i-know dirt challenge

Take control

Slip alert

i-know slip meter

Challenge your sales team and the non-believers with the dirt challenge. Use the i-mop and a competitive machine, and use the measurement cups to demonstrate how little water the machine actually uses and how much dirt it recovers out of the grouts and floor.

Slip alert is designed to make it easy for you to measure the factors you can control: the slip resistance of the floor and the slip resistance of contamination on the floor. Different flooring materials, functions, foot traffic and the type of contamination defines the required level of slip resistance and will influence testing frequency.