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Let's cut to the chase: you're looking for ways to make your cleaning operations more efficient and more effective. Switching from manual to mechanical is the only way to get there for the long haul.

With our help, over 10,000 companies in 72 countries worldwide have made that switch. Do you want to be next?

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Let the numbers do the talking

Manual cleaning has always been inefficient, wasteful and harmful for the cleaners’ health. But now, wage increases and labor shortages really force you to get a grip on your costs and your people.

In just 5 minutes, you can calculate the yearly labor and chemical savings when you switch to the i-mop auto-scrubber.

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Co-botic 45 in a supermarket, working together with the human cleaner
The mops & brooms era is ending

Mechanization is necessary

Mechanization is the answer for the cleaning industry struggles of today, like labor shortages and the demand for enhanced cleanliness and hygiene. Read more

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Switch to a result-based business model

Our products guarantee more than 'just’ time and cost reduction. They measurably clean more thoroughly as well. Image what this could mean for your business model: you could switch from price per hour to price per square meter contracts.
This means you can deliver cleaning promises based on measurable results instead of estimations and difficult discussions with your clients.

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