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Technical Specifications

Tackle any surface, even those hard to clean areas like stairs or behind toilet bowls with the i-scrub 21B. With the telescopic pole, adjustable head and 360 degrees of free motion this machine can reach any area quickly and can be adjusted in a heartbeat to get any area clean.

The i-scrub 30EM Pro B. The vibration of the oscillating disc ensures extraordinary cleaning, scrubbing and polishing performance. With as many as 1650 oscillation movements per minute, the cleaning effect increases and the other elements like water, chemicals and time decrease dramatically.


Technical Specifications

With the powerful 400 RPM engine thei-scrub 21B allows the user to scrub anysurface with extreme power. You can evenconvert it in to a handheld unit for polishing.

The orbital motion of the i-scrub 30EM Pro disc ensures abetter cleaning performance compared to the traditional singledisc machines. Your floor is in safe hands with the i-scrub30EM Pro! No more damaged floors. Due to the orbitalmovement, any imbalance is avoided, you have moretouchpoints with higher friction.


Technical Specifications

The i-scrub 21B is supplied with a powerful battery that lets you clean for at least 2 hours. Thanks to the 400 RPM brush speed you can reduce time spend by 30% compared to manual cleaning.

The consumption of water and chemicals is reduced due to the excellent cleaning performance and the easy to use dosing system on the i-scrub 30EM Pro. The oscillating movement keeps liquids under the machine disc, making every drop count! Reducing chemical consumption improves the air quality in enclosed spaces. The i-scrub has a lower-energy consumption than the cable powered version.


Technical Specifications

Its ergonomic design and very low weight of 2.1 kg makes the i-scrub 21B ideal to automatemanual cleaning tasks. The i-scrub 21B takesaway the need to bend or kneel to cleancorners or hard to reach areas you can’t cleanwith regular floor cleaning machines.

With a weight of 14.4 kg and the oscillating movement,the i-scrub 30EM Pro B is very stable and has a fantasticmaneuverability. There is no strain on the hands of theoperator. This makes the machine very user friendly and itprevents physical strain. Safely cleaning stairs is no problem.Just replace the handles for the shorter one.


Technical Specifications

When manual cleaning is to labor intensive andwhen regular floor cleaning machines don’t fit…the i-scrub 21B is the answer. It has a doubledisc action and the flexibility to even scrubareas in a vertical position. In a nutshell, thei-scrub 21B tackles any surface it faces.

Low energy and chemical consumption, no strain and notto mention a cleaner result makes the i-scrub 30EM Pro amachine operators love. They’re happier, more engaged andthe buildings they work in become truly healthy and clean.



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i-scrub 21B

3.2 kg
Size (l x w x h)
15 x 25 x 92 ~ 113 cm
Power source
i-power 7 battery*
Running time Li-ion
150 minutes
Charging time Li-ion
210 minutes
Brush speed
400 RPM
Scrub area
21 cm
i-scrub 21B

i-scrub 30EM B

Scrub floors, carpets
Brush speed (orbital movement)
1650 RPM
Effective area of operation
30 cm ø
Size machine (l x w x h)
27 x 23 x 120 cm
12.6 kg
Material machine
Zinc-alloy, Steel & Plastic
Motor power
250 W
i-scrub 30EM Pro

i-scrub 26H

Weight of product
0.32 kg
Size (l x w x h)
260 x 100 x 90 mm
Material machine
i-scrub 26H