Updates on the co-botic 45 and operator phones

The new update for the co-botic 45 is now available. With this update, we have improved the machine on multiple levels:
  • Multilingual support. We’ve added language packs of the following languages:
  1. Chinese
  2. Dutch
  3. Danish
  4. English
  5. German
  6. Finnish
  7. French
  8. Japanese
  9. Italian
  10. Korean
  11. Norwegian
  12. Polish
  13. Portuguese
  14. Spanish
  15. Swedish
  • Working light and beeping sound when operating.
  • Cleaning settings update.
  • Bug fixes.

Also missed the previous update?

If you have not done the previous update and update to this one, you will also have the following functionalities:

  • Manual usage of the machine.
  • Mapping by using the handle.
  • Set max. driving speed.
  • Improvement to driving algorithm.
  • Improvement to obstacle avoidance algorithm.

Phone update

A new phone update was also pushed on Friday 5th of January, among other things, so that translations are also available there. It should be automatically executed but it’s always good to double-check.

You can verify that the update’s been done by accessing the co-botic app as wel as the i-link and files app on the phone. If you can change the language in the app settings, the update’s been done.

Any questions? Reach out

Do you have any questions about the above information or do you have any issues with your co-botic? Please reach out to Mike van Lieshout, Project manager co-botics at i-team Global. You can email him via