The new and easiest way for your fleet management

Imagine having an online overview of all your assets: tools, machines, and compliances. You could instantly see how machines are used, how they perform and where they’re located. Moreover, imagine knowing exactly which tools, machines, and compliances you own and setting automatic alerts for maintenance and inspections. With the brand new i-link®, you can. You can see all your assets’ details and even create service tickets on your mobile phone, manage them online, and share the tickets with suppliers.

What is i-link?

i-link® is the new cloud-based platform for next-level asset management. New i-team products will have a small module located inside them, already integrated with the i-link cloud. This module will send usage information, battery levels, and even the location of the machines to the platform every day. Besides machines, i-link gives you insights in your tools and compliances. Whereas the machines have a built-in chip, your tools and compliances can be provided with a unique QR-code. By scanning this QR-code you can add these items to your online inventory management in the cloud.

Get most out of your machines

With i-link® you get valuable insights in the usage of all your cleaning equipment. This way you can monitor if, how, when and where machines are being used. We’re constantly updating and continuously improving i-link, but currently it gives you access to the following information about your machines:

  • Location (updated hourly, possible to set a notification if the machine leaves a designated area)
  • Runtime (how long and when the machines are used)
  • Battery voltage (know when batteries need to be charged or are due for maintenance)
  • Usage history (know everything about the usage of a machine)
  • Service and maintenance journal (repair history, maintenance history)
  • Machines that aren’t used (add these to your cleaning routine)
  • Documents (easily find and add important documents, such as invoices and manuals, to your online inventory and make them accessible for assigned users. Bonus: less paper waste!)

Coming in 2022: Indoor mapping (find assets, places, and occupied spaces on a digital map)


With i-link® you get valuable insights in the usage of all your cleaning equipment.

Ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone

Are you properly prepared for an emergency or an injury inside your building? You may be surprised, but many businesses aren’t. It’s easy to lose track of your inventory and all the required maintenance and inspections. But no one would want to find out that the fire extinguishers aren’t working properly during an actual fire or discover that the AED kit (defibrillator) isn’t operational when someone suffers cardiac arrest. Timely inspection and maintenance are of the utmost importance to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Think of safety ladders, fire extinguishers, air-conditioning, first aid kits, emergency exit signs, AEDs, and elevators. With i-link, you can add all your machines, tools, and compliances to your inventory list and set automatic alerts for maintenance. This means your inventory will always be up to date and safe to use.


Set your own alerts

With i-link you can set your own rules and alerts according to your service plan. This way you can utilize the assembled data for more efficiency in your cleaning routine and ensure that you never miss required maintenance or service. For example, set the following alerts:

  • Check the brushes after X hours of use
  • Maintenance is due after X hours of use
  • Maintenance is due monthly
  • Order new detergent after X hours of use
  • Low battery, charging recommended
  • Machine is more than 1km away from its standard location
  • … and so on!

You can set alerts for anything that has to do with the data that i-link is receiving (batteries, high/low activity, runtime, location, etc.)

Service tickets for repairs

When there’s an issue with one of your machines, you can submit a service ticket by mobile phone. The machines have a QR code (laser-etched for i-team machines with an integrated i-link module, otherwise a sticker) which you can scan, after which you’ll be redirected to a short questionnaire. The person handling the tickets on i-link will receive the tickets but can also (re-) assign the ticket to someone else if needed.


Connect machines or other assets already in use

You can also add other machines and assets to your asset management. Connect them with a blank QR-tag and enjoy all the benefits of total inventory management. Since early 2022 it’s possible for end-users or customers to hide these assets from their i-partner to protect their privacy of inventory.

From now on, i-link will be integrated in the (new) i-mop XL Pro, XXL Pro; i-drive (all i-drives), co-botic 65, and i-sense Pro. More machines will follow.