Co-botic 45 working together with a human cleaner

Your new favorite colleague in 3 videos: the co-botic 45

This intelligent robotic scrubber-dryer for hard floors is your perfect cleaning help for spaces between 200m2 and 1500m2. While the co-bot covers the main routes, the human cleaner can focus on cleaning the edges, corners and other spots that require the human eye.

Save time, water, and power

Fast, efficient, and green. Just some words that describe this co-bot. It doesn’t need detergents and uses less water than an average walk-behind scrubber dryer (and way less water than a mop and bucket). And while the 45 only consumes 240W per hour, alternative robots can consume up to 1000W per hour.

No worries about its performance, even with less water and power usage it guarantees the well-known i-mop cleaning results.

An app you’ll appreciate

Co-botic™ 45 is a smart cookie. Advanced technology makes it possible for it to find its own cleaning routes, but you can also create your own maps in the co-botics app.

You can choose in which sequence rooms have to be cleaned and setup virtual boundaries or no-go-zones.

The app provides day-to-day cleaning reports to give you more insights in your cleaning routines. Nice to know: it’s possible to export these reports as PDF-files.

Teamwork makes the dream work

By combining co-botic performance with the trained human eye, you get most out of your cleaning operations and needs. Also, cleaners can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their abilities elsewhere.

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