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i-mop vs. mop & bucket: which is more ergonomic?

Important first study on cleaner ergonomics reveals a clear winner
One of the main goals of i-team is to create a safer and better cleaning experience for cleaners all over the world. The i-mop scrubber-dryer was developed to reduce stress and strain on the cleaner’s body. The ergonomic design prevents injuries, improves the user experience and brings back the fun in cleaning.

What kind of research did we do?

In a recent study on the ergonomics of the i-mop, we compared it to a traditional mop and bucket. For both cleaning methods, we used motion sensors and tracking software to measure the amount and duration of stress of the body.

The conclusion: using the i-mop reduces the risk of injury

The graphs below show the results of the study. While the height of a peaks indicates the intensity of the stress, its width represents the duration of that stress. Longer periods of high stress significantly increase the risk of injury.

Results mop and bucket

Results of a study on ergonomics of the i-mop vs. mop and bucket

Results i-mop XL

Results of a study on ergonomics of the i-mop vs. mop and bucket

Our research clearly shows that the intensity and duration of stress are significantly lower when using the i-mop compared to the mop and bucket. This means that cleaning with an i-mop reduces the risk of injury and therefore results in a lower risk of sick leave costs.

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Next steps in ergonomics research

As research on ergonomics in the cleaning industry study is still limited, we consider our research an important and useful first step. In the near future, we will conduct new studies. Via the i-team website and LinkedIn, we will share future research with you.

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