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On track to become a B Corp 

Sustainability in action at i-team Global
In June 2023, i-team Global formally submitted all the necessary documents for the B Corp certification, and we are currently awaiting evaluation. There is an intrinsic drive from Frank, our founder and CEO, to contribute to the well-being of cleaners and the planet. That's why i-team exists and why we commit to sustainability and environmentally conscious business practices. With confidence, we're looking forward to become a B Corp and receive the recognition of our dedication to sustainability.

Our commitment to B Corp

Why has i-team Global committed to become a B Corp? While we have long been active in sustainability, we recognize the need for concrete proof of our dedication from our customers. By our effort to become a B Corp, we demonstrate our ongoing focus on sustainability and our unwavering commitment to improving our impact on the environment and society. We understand that the journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and as part of our commitment, we are dedicated to continuously improving our practices to minimize our environmental footprint and enhance our positive contributions to society.

Becoming a B Corp - status update
As previously written, we have submitted all the necessary documentation - a significant milestone in itself, given the extensive documentation involved. We anticipate achieving certification without major challenges because, based on our own assessment, we far exceed the norms that have been set.

What is B Corp?

B Corp, short for Benefit Corporation, represents a renowned certification that recognizes companies committed to both social and environmental responsibility. To become a B Corp, a company must undergo rigorous assessment, demonstrating its dedication to sustainability, transparency, and ethical business practices. This assessment tests a company's impact on five pillars: governance, environment, employees, customers and community.

Obtaining this certification is no simple task, as it demands companies to meet stringent criteria, showcasing their genuine dedication to creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Currently, there are only 7,567 companies worldwide (spread across 92 countries) that may hold the high-status title of B Corp.

Check B Corp's home page for current statistics.

Why sustainability matters to us

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at i-team Global; it forms the core of our mission. We firmly believe that by improving working conditions, reducing our environmental impact, and engaging our entire team in these initiatives, we can leave a lasting legacy of positive change.

Why we work on sustainability at i-team Global? To make a positive impact on our environment.

We improve the working conditions of cleaners:

  • You get fewer physical complaints.
  • You clean more easily.
  • You get more respect.

We have a positive impact on the planet:

  • When you work with our products, you need less water, electricity and fewer cleaning detergents. That's better for the planet.
  • We develop our products so they last a long time and are easy to repair.
  • We refurbish used products and repurpose them.

We do this together with our whole team: the i-team.

Attachment: Commitment statement

Engaging in sustainable practices alone isn't sufficient: It is necessary to provide evidence of our commitment. Therefore, we are delighted to share our commitment statement from Ron van de Ven (our Global ESG Ambassador) and Frank van de Ven (our Founder and CEO), affirming our dedication to become a member of the B Corp community.

Download commitment statement

Our existing sustainability ratings

In addition to becoming a B Corp, we are proud of our current sustainability ratings. For example, we have the highest BREEAM-score for our Eindhoven office (at Flight Forum): the Outstanding score. Additionally, we have an EcoVadis Silver medal.

Achieving sustainability certifications is proof to our commitment to the planet. We don't just say we are sustainable, we prove it. Becoming a B Corp marks the next important milestone on this journey to a more sustainable world and affirms our determination to make a difference.