i-light family

i-light XL utility light

Mobile work light

i-light XL


Expand your i-power workforce. The i-power 9 and 14 batteries can also be used to power the i-light XL!

i-light XL


Set your i-light up anywhere and easily adjust the head and the stance by simply pushing and pulling the levers at the tripod.

i-light tripot

i-light fixture

The integrated i-light is fixed with a heavy element on the i-land, perfect for mobile light in dark areas.

Timer functie

Want to set your i-light for a limited amount of time? No problem. Just enable the timer function, set the hours & minutes, and start your routine.


Technical Specifications

Weight without batteries 6,61 kg Size (l x w x h) 40 x 30 x 20.5 cm Light angle 360° radius Light type LED Power consumption LED 20 W
Light power 2000~2400 lumens Power source i-power 9 Battery spec. 24V - 8.8 Ah Running time (one battery) 12 hours (i-power 9) Running time (two batteries) 25 hours (i-power 9) Charger type Off-board Charger 110-240V, 50/60Hz Mounting type Secure with screws or order a i-land connection and / or tri-pod separately * Battery and charger can be ordered separately.

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