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Happy people
It’s not just about cleaning

It’s about happy & healthy people

While cleaning has never been more important, we believe effective cleaning is more than ‘just’ the removal of soil. It means ensuring the health and safety of people while making the job easier, simpler, more efficient and even fun. It means consistent results all over the world while protecting the world.

i-dose makes the job of the cleaner easier instantly, while the green biodegradable formula ensures a smart choice for the environment and all life on this planet. With over 80.000 i-mops currently in use all over the world, i-dose is bound to make a difference.

Upgrade your i-mop

Ultimate efficiency

If there’s a better way to do it, we find it. The brand new i-dose Upgrade Kit for the i-mop is the result of our never-ending desire to innovate. Say farewell to standard cleaning detergents and the inefficiency of walking back and forth for refills. The i-dose cleaning pods are here to revolutionize your cleaning. 

How does it work?

Pop & Drop

After a one-time investment to upgrade your i-mop, you can save time and the environment by using i-dose cleaning pods. Just pop the pod and wait for the liquid to drop in the water.

i-dose pods


i-dose cleaning pods

Our super concentrated cleaning formula fits in one pod. One pod equals the exact right amount for one i-dose solution tank. 
i-dose injector


i-dose injector

The injector is inserted on the top port of the new i-dose Solution Tank. Place the pod and close the cap. The injector pierces the cup with exactly the right pressure and the liquid disperses evenly in the solution tank. 
i-mop tank with i-dose injector


i-dose solution tank

Conveniently equipped with a side port for refilling water without needing to remove the injector. You can easily click-on and click-off the tank as you’re used to.
i-dose pod holder


i-dose cleaning pod holder

Holds up to 10 i-dose cleaning pod refills, enabling dispensing anywhere. The cleaning pod holder fits on the inside of the solution tank.
i-dose injector
Not all great things need time

Get the job done fast

You now get the exact right amount of cleaning detergent in one easy action. Just place the pod in the injector, pop it and wait for the detergent to drop. Enjoy the ease of carrying up to 10 refills with you and the joy of being freed from frequent trips to the supply closet or solution dispenser as you can now refill on the go.


Minimal effort

Maximum results

The super concentrated formula fits everything you need in one small pod. Combined with the power of the auto-scrubber this ensures unparalleled cleaning results. You use the perfect amount of detergent so you’ll never underdose or overdose again.


Raising the bar

We like it green

The super concentrated formula is entirely green. The plant-based sources are produced using renewable energy. After use, you can dispose the water safely as the green formula breaks down naturally. Finally the pods are recyclable in any standard recycling bin.


i-dose pods
Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Welcome to the safe side

As overdosing is a thing of the past, so are slippery floors. i-dose is fragrance free so it’s safe to use in the food industry and around people with allergies. As you never have to touch the chemicals, you won’t get any residue on your hands. All i-dose formulations are low foaming and non-corrosive to assure reliable operation and set a new standard in environmental health and safety.


i-dose - saving time
Saving money as you go

Better for everyone

It’s not easy to get the dosage of a standard detergent exactly right. Many cleaners unintentionally overdose. This is bad for the environment and bad for your finances. Overall 6% of the cleaning budget is spent on cleaning detergents. Needless to say that it pays out to get the dosage exactly right. Moreover, you save time as walking back and forth for refills is a thing of the past. The green formula ensures an eco-friendly cleaning routine, while the easy to use pods make cleaning an easy job.


Innovative cleaning solutions

It’s all in the mix

The ultra-concentrated formula of the i-dose range is developed at HYGENIQ, based in Enschede, the Netherlands. HYGENIQ is the leader in sustainable and cradle-to-cradle approved cleaning solutions. The production process and the detergent are both eco-friendly. 

3 pods

E52 Daily floor cleaner

i-pod | Daily floor cleaner

3 pods

E33 Sanitary floor cleaner

i-pod | Sanitary floor cleaner

3 pods

Degreasing floor cleaner

i-pod | Decreasing floor cleaner

Mild but effective daily use hard floor cleaner. Dislodges soils commonly found on most floor surfaces without leaving a residue that can promote resoilage or create slippery conditions.

Safe and mildly acidic cleaner. Suitable for most hard floor substrates and grout, especially designed to remove organic soils, soap scum, calcium, limescale and other soils commonly found on restroom floors.

Degreasing floor cleaner. Suitable for all hard floor substrates. Especially effective in removing animal and vegetable-based grease from foodservice environments, and petroleum-based grease from automotive, industrial and retail environments.

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