i-mop new features

New features for the i-mop Pro models

Work like a Pro

i-mop family version 2023
Operator with i-mop Pro
Upgrade your moves

Go Pro

Meet the upgraded Pro versions of the i-mop XL and XXL and the brand new imop Lite Pro. Discover all new features on this page and schedule a demo.

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Simply better

Brushless motor

The new motor is:

  • Cleaner: it's electrically driven, so it doesn’t produce any more particles which can get back in the air.
  • Smarter: choose between high (80W) and low (60W) suction power. You also get 10-20% better battery life and better protection from water

Brushless motor i-mop
i-mop v23 i-balancer
Freedom of movement


From now on, you can leave the machine parked any way you want it. Thanks to the i-balance feature it can’t topple over anymore. This new feature even enhances the overall cleaning experience as the i-mop Pro version supports its own weight. This means that the cleaner applies less pressure.

A farewell to screwing it

Easy click squeegee

Replacing the squeegee and its rubbers doesn't require tools anymore. You release the squeegee by the press of a button and the rubber can be removed with a gentle pull.

Placing the squeegee and rubber back now takes less than a minute. Just push the rubber on the knobs and click the squeegee back.

Good to know: this squeegee can be retrofitted to older models.

i-mop squeegee easy version 2023
i-mop Lift-kit version 2023
Give liquids some time

Easy lift kit

Sometimes detergents of disinfectants need some dwell time when you’re cleaning the floor. And now you can easily give them that time. The lift kit makes it possible to lift the squeegee up with the flick of a switch.

The new i-mop Pro models are easier to lift thanks to an improved design.

Get a move on

Easy click squeegee wheels

Enjoy more ease of movement and improved scrubbing results thanks to the new swivel wheels.

  • Click-and-go system for easy changing.
  • Available in rubber (standard) or stainless steel. These metal ones are perfect in greasy spaces such as quick service restaurants or environments with chloride such as pools.

i-mop squeegee wheel
i-power 14 Pro battery
Knowledge is power

New 9 Pro and 14 Pro batteries

The new editions of the 9 Pro and 14 Pro batteries contain a LED display that indicates the battery level. Just one glance and you know if it’s time to charge the battery.

Another great update: the locking clip on the backside can now be replaced. This wasn’t possible in former models.

Good to know: the batteries are retrofittable.


Easy does it

Easy access i-link & phone holder

i-link® now has improved reception as it’s placed in the neck of the machine. This also means it’s easier for maintenance to reach.

The neck of the machine also contains an i-pod dispenser and a phone holder with USB-port, allowing cleaners to:

i-link phone holder for i-mop
i-mop splash guard
Say goodbye to splashing

Easy click splash guards

  • The splash guards have been redesigned to surround more of the brush while providing an angle to avoid bristles getting caught in the rubber.
  • You simply click them on to attach them. No tools required!

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