i-charge floor scrubber battery charger

Our i-chargers are made to charge the i-power batteries in a short amount of time. Our quick exchange i-power battery system make our battery powered machines a real cleaning workforce. With 2 sets of i-power batteries you can continuously clean from 24/7.

Two chargers 

Waiting for your i-power batteries to charge is a thing of the past. We have developed two types of chargers the 'i-charge 2 and 9' depending on your charging needs. You can charge your batteries up to 4 times quicker with the i-charge 9!


Space is in short supply these days. We should not waste a single inch when it comes to the limited storage space we can even get. That’s why we thought: why not use the vertical option towards the ceiling for charging your batteries? Now you can easily attach, hook-up, and power your batteries without losing space!

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Technical specifications

i-charge 2 110-240V, 50/60Hz i-charge 9 90-264V, 47/63Hz