Cobotics: get ready for the future

Robots who can perform tasks instead of humans? It sounds like something we might have seen in a science fiction movie, but it’s becoming a reality in the cleaning industry. By implementing cobotics into your cleaning operations, you can maintain a high standard of cleaning with ultimate efficiency and less strain on the cleaner.

What is cobotics?

Cobotics technology makes it possible to automate a range of tasks via interaction between humans and robotics. A cobot is designed to work together with a human (as opposed to a robot who works alone). In short: people can attend to various tasks, while the repetitive work can be done by a cobot.

Robots and humans: a collaboration

Just to make it extra clear: a cobot isn’t meant to replace the (human) cleaner. Instead, it’s meant to assist the cleaner. A cobot is a powerful tool that can ease the overall workload by performing repetitive and tedious tasks, like cleaning large floor areas. This way, the cleaner can avoid repetitive strain injuries, improve ergonomics, and use their physical abilities elsewhere. It’s important to note that humans work with, or nearby, the cobot. They should be able to interact with the machine when necessary.

An improvement for the cleaner

Having a cobot in your cleaning team means that tasks can be divided based on physical strength and abilities. In other words, the cobot can take on heavy-duty, time-consuming, and repetitive cleaning, while maintaining a high and constant standard. This frees the cleaner up for other tasks, such as deep cleaning sanitary spaces, surfaces, and overall touch points (an important if not crucial factor in fighting viruses). The cleaning staff can pay attention to the tasks that require insights and decision-making, which have a direct impact on the overall service levels. Their work becomes less strenuous and more fulfilling.

Smarter cleaning, better business

It’s becoming harder and harder to live up to the ever-increasing cleaning standards of our current society. Cleaning companies need to evolve and reinvent their business so they can remain relevant and competitive in a world post-COVID-19. By using cobots, service levels can be met (and even exceeded) without the need for additional resources. Cleaning results will be constant and result in a cleaner and more hygienic building.

Next-level collaboration with new i-team Global products

We’re proud to add two cobotics to our product range: co-botic 65 (the cobotic sister of i-drive) and co-botic 1700.

Co-botic™ 65

Co-botic 65

The co-botic™ 65 is an autonomous floor cleaning machine that’ll soon become your favorite colleague. It’s capable of automatically navigating complex, real-world environments, adapting its path to any obstacles that it encounters and safely responding to encounters with people or animals. The key feature of the co-botic™ 65 is its smart design to carry an imop Lite on its back, allowing the operator to exit the vehicle and clean more detailed areas. With two sets of batteries this smooth drive is ready to serve you 24/7. The turning radius of just 2.5m makes the device extremely flexible, offering excellent maneuverability.

With the smart design of the co-botic™ 65, comes the ability to update its software remotely. New features can be added with a hand reach. It’s like your car which gets a maintenance update in the garage. Only, you do not need to come to us. The feedback the co-botic™ 65 sends back to the home base allows us to improve and create new features. All the information is stored on the co-botic™ 65 itself. No cloud service is needed, which means no privacy issues for anyone using the cobot. Learn more about the co-botic™ 65 >

Co-botic™ 1700

The co-botic™ 1700 can be programmed to vacuum spaces as precise and efficiently as possible. With the i-team professional app, you can divide the room in several zones and view day to day information. It’s also possible to create virtual boundaries to setup your device as precise as possible. No time for that? The co-botic™ 1700 can also program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job. Learn more about the co-botic™ 1700 >