i-move 2.5B

Compact vacuum power
i-move 2.5b

Happy people
It’s not just about cleaning

It’s about happy & healthy people

While cleaning has never been more important, we believe effective cleaning is more than ‘just’ the removal of soil. It means ensuring the health and safety of people, while making the job easier, simpler, more efficient and even fun. It means consistent results all over the world, while protecting the world.

i-move 2.5B ensures a lot of happy faces and healthy bodies, thanks to the light weight, and small, ergonomic design. The 360° swivel hose and battery-powered freedom (no cords!) make it easy to move around in smaller or obstructed spaces.

A quick introduction

About i-move 2.5B

The i-move 2.5B is a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. It’s the little brother of i-move 4B. Despite its small design and weight of only 5.28kg, the i-move 2.5B has ample power of 250 watts and a quite generous dust bag capacity of 2.5 litres. It’s your ultimate little helper in smaller spaces and turns hard to reach places into easy to reach places without a sweat (or sore back).

i-move 2.5b
The specs

It’s all about me

i-move 2.5b specs
i-move 2.5b
Smell you later

A fragrance to love

Sometimes you have to stop to smell the roses. Value the world around you and enjoy the little things in life. For instance, appreciate a delicious smell that fills the room. With i-scent we introduce a soft, soothing fragrance that you can optionally add to the i-move 2.5B. You can place the optional i-scent cartridge in the canister and decide if you want the scent spread in a low, medium or high volume. 

Bonus: it’s eco-friendly.

Get the job done fast

Not all great things need time

Thanks to the battery-powered freedom and small design you can easily and quickly move around small or obstructed spaces. The dust bag is switched within seconds. Open the bag compartment with one click and switch bags with another click, no need to remove the hose.


i-move 2.5b dust bag
i-move vaccuum cleaner
Do more with less

Gotta clean ‘m all

Hard to reach places turn into easy to reach places with the agile i-move 2.5B. The device has 2 high-quality filters including a H11 Class filter, powerful suction (14 Kpa) and strong dirt pickup at 1100mmHg. Enjoy Cleaner air filtered from large dust and bacterial airborne contaminants.


Raising the bar

We like it green

The optional i-scent cartridge releases an eco-friendly fragrance as spaces are being cleaned. The parts can easily be repaired or replaced in case of an accident, which results in a longer lifespan. The batteries can be recharged.


i-move battery
i-move backpack
Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Welcome to the safe side

The lightweight and ergonomic i-move 2.5B is a well-balanced machine that allows you to move with maximum mobility and efficiency. As you wear the device on your back, the weight is evenly distributed across your body. The air exits out of the device sideways, so the air won’t blow on the cleaner. Thanks to the cordless design there’s no risk of tripping over wires.


Don’t want to brag, but…

Better for everyone

The i-move 2.5B is your perfect travel buddy when you need quick spot vacuuming or want to vacuum smaller spaces or hard to reach places. It’s one of the lightest and smallest back vacuums in the market, especially designed for easy use.


i-move 2.5b
It’s in the details

One nozzle to rule them all

Brush i-team vaccuum cleaner
It’s in the details

Keep me in charge

i-move 2.5b battery
It’s in the details

Gentle for your body

i-move 2.5b with backpack
It’s in the details

I’ve got the power

i-move 2.5b with backpack
It’s in the details

Easy does it

i-move 2.5b with backpack
It’s in the details

It runs in the family

i-move 4b
It’s in the details

Flexibility is key

i-move 5b with backpack

The i-move 2.5B comes with one nozzle that can be used on both hard and soft floors. The hose is antistatic, so you can safely vacuum the carpet. 

The small-sized batteries can last up to 50 minutes. Make sure to recharge them in time so you can keep enjoying the effortless ease of i-move 2.5B.

The subtle weight of 5.28kg (incl. batteries) and ergonomic design makes the i-move 2.B easy to work with. The brand new i-power 8.7 batteries are smaller and lighter than our other batteries.

Thanks to battery-powered freedom and the small form of the i-move 2.5B, you can easily move around in smaller spaces. Perfect for places that are usually hard to reach or when there are no sockets nearby.

Experience the joy of being freed from sockets and cords. Just place the device on your back, press the power button and start cleaning. The battery indicator conveniently shows you how much power there’s left and can be clipped to the vest.

All accessories of the i-move 4B can be used on the i-move 2.5B, with exception of the newly designed batteries. The i-move 4B and 2.5B make the perfect vacuum duo: use the 4B for (very) dirty places that need extra power and the 2.5B for (smaller) places where an agile solution is needed. 

The waistband can easily be adjusted and the power remote comes with a convenient clip. Attach it to your backpack straps, waistband or pocket. Need to reach something? The hose can extend to 1m and the handle can extend from 80cm to 115cm.

Seeing is believing.

i-move 2.5b

Technical Specifications

Carry weight 4.58 kg (incl 1 batteries, excl. hose+wand) Weight battery 0.70 kg per battery Body size (l x w x h) 224x214x476mm Hose length 2 m (stored away 0,5 m) Capacity 2.5L
Diameter of tools 32 mm Sound level 72 dBA Sealing Suction 14.0Kpa Airflow 1.75 m3/min Application dry only Power source i-power 8.7 Run time 52 min Current (Max) 9.6A Power of machine 250W Motor (Voltage) 28V Speed adjustment No Rotary hose coupling Yes Control box Yes Charger type External charger Battery quantity per charger 4 Charger-time 4.3 hrs in 2A charger | 1.7 hrs in 5A charger Material machine PP