Washing windows without the struggle


Designed for relief

A revolutionary way of window washing relieving the user at least 50% of physical strain during their work. No more shoulder injuries and back pain while washing the windows, day-in, day-out. Increasing the productivity of their workers, working ergonomically and responsibly, and decreasing psychical strain, the i-suit surely is an eye catching innovation changing the way window washing is done forever.

No more carrying around

Work three times as fast

Working with a telescopic pole in combination with i-suit allows the user to work three times as fast. There is no need to carry and constantly replace a ladder to reach the spots that need to be cleaned.


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i-suit glasses
More precision and control

Make it cleaner

The i-suit and telescopic tube lower physical load allowing you to work longer hours with more precision and control.


Recyclable material

Long life-time

The i-suit has a long life-time and all parts easily replaced. The materials used in i-suit are easy to recycle.


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Avoid injuries

Relieves of physical strain

All of the weight is centered and lifted from the middle and allows free movement for the user. By using i-suit it relieves the user at least 50% of physical strain during the work. Cleaners avoid shoulder injuries and back pain by using i-suit.


Better for everyone

It changes the experience of window washing forever. From now on cleaners can wash windows ergonomically with precision and complete control!


i-suit at work

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